Tuesday, 30 July 2013

will you prefer me ...i am a Girl

We are born by a women who kept us save 9 months
Our mother feed us when we were just babies
Our Grandmother massages us when we were growing
Our Sister annoy us
Our Teacher teaches us
Our Wife loves us

The Hand that cares!
The Hand that cooks!
The Heart that heals!
The Face that smiles !
The Mind that teaches!
They are all of a girl.

List of (absurd)reasons why they prefer boys:- 

1.Boy will be vansh for our family 
2.Boy will join our family business
3.Boy will bring us more wealth
4.Boys can be easily taken care of 
5.Boys don't need dowry ,so that they cannot crible the family financially

47per cent said they would prefer to have a son first, and most said it was because boys are 'less hard work'.Only 21per cent of the respondents said they would like to have a daughter as their first child, and 32per cent said they had no preference either way.

List of reasons why they do not prefer girls:-
1.Girls would be married off.
2.We have to pay dowry for them.
3.Who will waste money on them?
4.Girls are of no use .

When it’s a boy, their faces are lit with a protective gaze.
But if it’s a girl the grimness is often palpable. And the mothers-in-law plod behind the mother’s gurney, walking unlit hallways scattered with litter.

Even now many gendercides takes place not only in remote villages but also towns and metros.Why this discrimination is ground rooted in the minds of ill minded people?Do they ever know how would have they born,if there were no girl child ?Why do still people ask a pregnant lady ,what do you think it is ?Why do play people do prayers for a boy child?If murder is a crime then what is abortion?We have many women gods in India ?But we still don't want a girl ?In today's world where a girl can be more trusted by their parents rather than their so called boys who leave them alone ?We still consider a boy child .Who will your boy marry ,if there are no girls in the world.Today also,educated people blame a women if she bears a girl child.A doctor who is responsible for saving lives,detects genders so that he can become millionaires with this gender detector games.Some woman's  themselves do not prefer girl child .While other women do not raise their voices when her family announces that the first child should be a Girl . On one side ,our technology is making machines which can save lives while on the other hand our technology is detecting genders so that they can be killed .

Mr Evan Grae Davis is a film maker especially for social causes .Mr Evan was feeling so sorry for the nations which are so responsible for murders of the girl fetus .
He had produced a documentary film its a girl  ,to spread the awareness.You can watch his speech on youtube .

This post is exclusively written for Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.


  1. so nice and very deep thought !!!!!

  2. If Evan is against feticide, why he didn't report this incident to police and get the woman arrested? Or is it the fake story created by him to promote his film? It is shame on Indian audience who are promoting his film in this way. This should have been reported to police first and no one from audience raised this question? he hs made a business by showing our country in bad light