Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Unknown times

when i dont know 
what going to happen
its is my unknown times

things will fall in place
i will find my space
its my unknown times

whther gold or platinum
it is sure to come
its my unknown times

Still not ready
But I am Steady
its my unknown times 

life is gonna happen 
with all the decisions taken
its my unknwon times 

I am going to laugh one day
Or i will make my way
its my unknwon times

Happiness and health 
or am i craving for wealth
its my unknown times 

loving the plan of the planner 
he is the creator
its my unknown times

Surprises and colors 
they are now mine
its my unknown times

I would travel east 
I would travel west
its my unknown times

I wish
I pray
that all goes well
Its my unknown times

My Switzerland Diaries

It would be a living dream to travel a country which is bordered by Germany to the north ,France to the west,Italy to the south and Austria to the east .I saw the first glimpse of Switzerland in Dilwale dulhania le j ayege,yes Simran went to Zurich.Then I started looking for the destination travel in google.I was amazed to know that beautiful country is one of the richest country in the world. Languages they speak is Either French, Swiss German or Italian.I am crazy visiting locals of any country ,but i guess Switzerland locals would obviously don't know English.This is what i thought.Since i have not really visited Switzerland ,its really hard to describe the real experience .But i had an idea ,An idea can change your life (bad one ).I started discussing with people who travelled Switzerland and believe me they are best in giving right information and tips too.Zoobi had recently traveled Switzerland and she says you must travel to Swiss once in your life.According to her,Zurich is duplicate copy of Heaven .You will see colours in your painting coming live right in front of your eyes .The mirror lakes acts as a reflector of the ecstatic mountains and clouds,you cant say which one is real and which one is shadow ?
If Shopping is your passion when you vacation overseas,then Zurich is definitely a city to visit if you are planning on visiting Switzerland.Lucerne and Bern are great for shopping too.It is must visit place if you are nature lover .They have zoological gardens in Zurich,where different species of animals are kept open.Rhine Falls ,it does sounds like Nigeria Falls and it is obvious too.But on the way to Rhine Falls,Zoobi was mesmerized to see the crystal clear water and also loved playing in it by wetting her legs.

I know ,i am still in dreams when zoobi told me to check my bank accounts before going to Switzerland,As Switzerland is one of the most expensive European countries of all,it would lead to check your pockets every time,But as it is said that Switzerland offers best skiing and snowboarding in the world and a home to take away picturesque lakes and mountains.Everything runs on time ,its safe there ,its beautiful and everyone is super nice !!

Lets check out the Typical Indian things like Cost :-

Accommodation :-Private rooms starts around $77 a night .Hotels can be quite expensive there it cost around $80 to $110 a night ,while Geneva or in Zurich it cost around $100 a night.I wish i could stay at some relatives place .But i have none over there

Food:- As a Indian,we would love to hog .But food is quite expensive here and also its non spicy.Are they offering boiled potatoes with tomato puree ?.Bars and cafes are best option costing around $10 to $15 for light meal .If you’re dining out w, you’ll spend an average of $50 a day on food. The best place to buy food is Migros. It’s a supermarket that can be found everywhere and offers inexpensive groceries.So we have some option for eat out .

Transportation :-I know how costly it was in London ,Taxis are the bad option here too.Purchase a rail pass instead of looking for flying from one area to another .Public transport is also available and cheap too .

 Top Things to SEE and Enjoy 

Ski the Matterhorn – Since Switzerland offers the best skiing in the world ,do it for sure.Matterhorn is the epitome of all.You ll have to take train or bus ,as cars are not allowed.It is the most pollutant free area .So feel the real air 

Geneva-Third largest city in Switzerland,Geneva will bless your eyes with spectacular views of city's lake , Lake Geneva

Capital of Bern-It is old town city,you can roam around freely around the city and feel the old century there .Also check federal parliament there .

The Rhine Falls-Finally ,you can enjoy the place without spending much money out of your pockets.Pack your picnic lunch and look at at Europe's largest waterfall.

Explore St. Gallen-It carries  beautiful museums, colourful murals and one of a kind architecture. Don’t miss out on a day where you can eat, walk the city at your leisure and enjoy all it has to offer on your own time table.
There are many other visits too,visit Swiss Riviera,old villages,Chillon castle, and Mirror lake .

Its important to know about the Tips and Advice for the new place you are planning to visit .
Money Saver Tips 
1.Buy a Travel pass:-Do not waste you money in airlines for travel.Buy a travel pass either for a bus,boat or train
2.Skip the cable cars:-Although its fun,its one of the most expensive ways to tour which can hit hard to your budget
3.Book your Trains early :-Although trains are cheaper than planes.Booking your trains early can save your some more pennies
4.Do not eat out :-Food is very expensive in Switzerland.Try to cook as much as you can.Anyways ,Switzerland is not known for food 

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Monday, 5 August 2013

My experience with Ambi pure mini vent Clip!!

As soon as it was posted in Indiblogger ,that Ambi pure is giving away free samples of Ambi pure ,I was amongst the first ones to click the button to own the Ambi pure samples .That's because of the reason,since it is raining ,me and my husband goes to office by Car .So daily morning,i have to bear those moist air smell in the Car as soon as i open the door of the Car.You can imagine the situation of your mood when your days starts with smell.You know the last night food smell or the gym clothes smell ,weekend trip with friends We always wanted a Car freshener ,the one which will last and also fill our car with nice aroma .And i call it as Mood Freshener too.

I ordered the sample of Ambi pure mini vent Clip Sky Breeze .It is blue in colour and the smell is cool and strong enough to kill the odour but sweet enough to boost your mood .Nobody likes a foul smelling car.

Some Freaking situations when our Car smell made us embarrassed :-

1.Unwanted guest in our Car:-We were on the way,and in the mid way mehtaji's wife asked for a lift.She was too outspoken ,as soon as she entered our car.Putting her handkerchief on her nose,she asked "Whats the dirty smell in the Car ?"

2. Your Gym's sweat-My husband left his gym clothes in the Car back seat,the other day i left my papers in my Car.I came with my colleague to collect the papers from the car.As soon as i open the Car door,the smell of the sweat ,it was as if somebody has shitted in the car .

3.Bakri Eid time -During bakri eid ,we get out goats in our Cars,but you know the smell of the goats .It remains in there for a long time .And for your information it was almost a week for us .

4. Cigarette smoke-My husband don't smokes ,but his best friend does ,so i know it ,as cigarette smoke leaves a lingening odour and i hate it all the time .

List of options I tried to fight my Car Odour:-

1.Clean my Car -I removed all the trash out of my Car.I started wiping the interiors,dash board,seats,windows,upholstery and the Carpet.The odour could be coming from anywhere so cleaned the back or trunk too.We also tried doing a Car shampoo ,it lasted two days .

2.Wipe the Car-During Summer , i use to daily wipe my car's interior ,as at times we need to keep the windows open and lots of dust would enter our Car.As Hot and humid day leaves the car as super unpleasant .

3.Brush the Carpet -I had this big Car brush ,which helps to loosen dirt's and debris from my car 

4.Car Vacuum-By removing the floor carpets ,i use to vacuum the car .

5.Baking Soda-Sounds Funnny, i know .But Baking soda always works to remove odors ,so soon as somebody spills something on the car seat ,i would rub the seat with baking Soda

6.Vinegar-Suggested by somebody,somebody asked me to keep the open vinegar at night in the car.Vinegar would absorb all the odour all night .Although it did not work out so well.later in the morning we were smelling vinegar 

7.Coffee-We all know that those perfume and coffee shops have those coffee beans with them,i tried that too.

But I was not able to do this all the time , as days went by.... it was too tiring for me .I was looking for a product which would be handy as well as easy to use daily and then We received the Ambi pure mini vent Clip Sky Breeze sample in the Sporty hand bag package.
There are variety of options ,so you can chose according to your choice.

What I loved about the product :-

  • Eliminated Odour Fast
  • Easy to install in Car Vent A/c
  • Even Freshness
  • Easy to use 
  • No leakage 
  • You can adjust the level of fragrance 
What I did not liked about the product :-
  • High on cost 
  • Design of the vent clips could be improved 

 Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip eliminates odours and freshens your car for up to 30 days.
Quantity :-2ml
Cost :- 199 INR

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Smell that i wanted to...

Sitting on the street bench,Early morning I was smelling Bayer's ,sandwiches and the Morning Tea.Sunny shades coming on me and morning breeze was brushing my face.I saw a young man smiling on his own, Every second he breathed, there was  smell of the grass, the cool air on his stagnant face, was so precious.People waste so much time and never gaze at the beauty of the nature .Eating that hot dogs which smelled so saucy and yummy,I was engrossed in my thoughts.I am missing my country .My country which smelled like Ginger Tea,Spicy chats,Tasty Vada pav,Moms special food,Grandma’s love,Friends  craziness,street fights  and much more .
All of sudden I smelled Chanel ,and noticed that guy sitting next to me .I dont know If he was saying something to me ,but I was so much into my own thoughts that I missed it .
“Are you dead or what ?Am I smelling coffin or a zombie “
“That wasn’t funny ?”
“Oh,Pretty woman ,I am Jack “
“where are you girl , deep into memories ?’
“Yes , "Memories which are beautiful but we cannot touch them,taste them or smell them “
“Yes,Ma am”,But then you can surely feel them”
I smiled at the stranger who smelled like a bacon to me .
“Your name Lady “
“Sarah “
“Beautiful as you”
“I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that “
“Really,Okay”,what a bad name"
I ignored looking other side
“Try this a Bayer with cheese and onions “
“No Thanks “
“You are such a dead rose ,accept it ,this is the best Bayer in town “
“Thanks “Where are you from ?
Well,Thanks for the question ,I am  a wayfarer ,travel places ,go where ever I want and smell all that I want .
"Smell !!"
Yes ,Smell .I can smell people ,people who are happy,sad,neither and many things of their own.
"Sounds Funny"
Really,look God gave us many senses ,but I guess the nose is the best of all.Through smell you can understand what is it all about .Roses smells sweet,Sun smells burn,love smells lovely,Smiles smell happy,Anger smells devil,Raw smells hard,Destination smells journey
“And ma'am you smelled heavenly”
“A Wayfarer or astrologer kinda person you are “.I have never met someone like you “It was nice talking to you “ and i lifted my bag 
“You are still talking to me ..........And I am still not able to smell a smile " ,
“I smiled with all my heart “
“It would be my pleasure to walk with you “
“No,thanks ,you are smelling like a Jerk now”
“In our Country its called a Crush ,and its lovely one “he smiled 
We started walking .
“Your Country ,which is the country for a wayfarer “.
“Right now ,its yours “
I laughed my way out .
“Sarah ,life is never about past or future “.Its all about now and now.You cant regret your past as you cannot change it or you cannot plan your future now as you dont know about it  .So whatever it is play it now .And Right now I can smell pancakes in the Lane out there ,you want to join me ?”
“No,I am getting late “
“Sure “
There i was sitting with the stranger and eating those pancakes .
“Yummy “
“So you are here for some work or something “
“I will be going back to my country ,actually I had a option of going back soon ,but then it would be at the cost of financial loss”
“Financial loss,it’s the big term call it your happiness loss ,it sounds simple to me “
“I said nothing “
“Well,I am quite direct and frank in words ,I know I am young and handsome guy sitting with the beautiful Indian lady out here “I wish I could say that you smell most beautiful ever “I wish I could say that one day I come to meet you at your country and smell the dust out there “
“I really wanted to go back earlier ,but I will decide “
“Decide that you want your life or your big money ,go ahead girl “I really don’t know why people do not question,explore ,experiment,walk,run,dance,cry,laugh,ripple,pray bow,cajole,look whenever they want to”
“I think you should be late now, Do remember my name Jack Kolin “

That day I decided what I really want,I want to smell my moms lap and sleep there .I wanted to smell the oil in my hair with my grandmas champi.I wanted to smell my room shared with my sister.I wanted to smell my brother sweat shirt when he is back from school.I wanted to smell chirpiness on the streets of the market .I wanted to smell the spoiled street beggars and I wanted to smell like a Free bird in my own country .

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