Monday, 5 August 2013

My experience with Ambi pure mini vent Clip!!

As soon as it was posted in Indiblogger ,that Ambi pure is giving away free samples of Ambi pure ,I was amongst the first ones to click the button to own the Ambi pure samples .That's because of the reason,since it is raining ,me and my husband goes to office by Car .So daily morning,i have to bear those moist air smell in the Car as soon as i open the door of the Car.You can imagine the situation of your mood when your days starts with smell.You know the last night food smell or the gym clothes smell ,weekend trip with friends We always wanted a Car freshener ,the one which will last and also fill our car with nice aroma .And i call it as Mood Freshener too.

I ordered the sample of Ambi pure mini vent Clip Sky Breeze .It is blue in colour and the smell is cool and strong enough to kill the odour but sweet enough to boost your mood .Nobody likes a foul smelling car.

Some Freaking situations when our Car smell made us embarrassed :-

1.Unwanted guest in our Car:-We were on the way,and in the mid way mehtaji's wife asked for a lift.She was too outspoken ,as soon as she entered our car.Putting her handkerchief on her nose,she asked "Whats the dirty smell in the Car ?"

2. Your Gym's sweat-My husband left his gym clothes in the Car back seat,the other day i left my papers in my Car.I came with my colleague to collect the papers from the car.As soon as i open the Car door,the smell of the sweat ,it was as if somebody has shitted in the car .

3.Bakri Eid time -During bakri eid ,we get out goats in our Cars,but you know the smell of the goats .It remains in there for a long time .And for your information it was almost a week for us .

4. Cigarette smoke-My husband don't smokes ,but his best friend does ,so i know it ,as cigarette smoke leaves a lingening odour and i hate it all the time .

List of options I tried to fight my Car Odour:-

1.Clean my Car -I removed all the trash out of my Car.I started wiping the interiors,dash board,seats,windows,upholstery and the Carpet.The odour could be coming from anywhere so cleaned the back or trunk too.We also tried doing a Car shampoo ,it lasted two days .

2.Wipe the Car-During Summer , i use to daily wipe my car's interior ,as at times we need to keep the windows open and lots of dust would enter our Car.As Hot and humid day leaves the car as super unpleasant .

3.Brush the Carpet -I had this big Car brush ,which helps to loosen dirt's and debris from my car 

4.Car Vacuum-By removing the floor carpets ,i use to vacuum the car .

5.Baking Soda-Sounds Funnny, i know .But Baking soda always works to remove odors ,so soon as somebody spills something on the car seat ,i would rub the seat with baking Soda

6.Vinegar-Suggested by somebody,somebody asked me to keep the open vinegar at night in the car.Vinegar would absorb all the odour all night .Although it did not work out so well.later in the morning we were smelling vinegar 

7.Coffee-We all know that those perfume and coffee shops have those coffee beans with them,i tried that too.

But I was not able to do this all the time , as days went by.... it was too tiring for me .I was looking for a product which would be handy as well as easy to use daily and then We received the Ambi pure mini vent Clip Sky Breeze sample in the Sporty hand bag package.
There are variety of options ,so you can chose according to your choice.

What I loved about the product :-

  • Eliminated Odour Fast
  • Easy to install in Car Vent A/c
  • Even Freshness
  • Easy to use 
  • No leakage 
  • You can adjust the level of fragrance 
What I did not liked about the product :-
  • High on cost 
  • Design of the vent clips could be improved 

 Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip eliminates odours and freshens your car for up to 30 days.
Quantity :-2ml
Cost :- 199 INR

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