Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Switzerland Diaries

It would be a living dream to travel a country which is bordered by Germany to the north ,France to the west,Italy to the south and Austria to the east .I saw the first glimpse of Switzerland in Dilwale dulhania le j ayege,yes Simran went to Zurich.Then I started looking for the destination travel in google.I was amazed to know that beautiful country is one of the richest country in the world. Languages they speak is Either French, Swiss German or Italian.I am crazy visiting locals of any country ,but i guess Switzerland locals would obviously don't know English.This is what i thought.Since i have not really visited Switzerland ,its really hard to describe the real experience .But i had an idea ,An idea can change your life (bad one ).I started discussing with people who travelled Switzerland and believe me they are best in giving right information and tips too.Zoobi had recently traveled Switzerland and she says you must travel to Swiss once in your life.According to her,Zurich is duplicate copy of Heaven .You will see colours in your painting coming live right in front of your eyes .The mirror lakes acts as a reflector of the ecstatic mountains and clouds,you cant say which one is real and which one is shadow ?
If Shopping is your passion when you vacation overseas,then Zurich is definitely a city to visit if you are planning on visiting Switzerland.Lucerne and Bern are great for shopping too.It is must visit place if you are nature lover .They have zoological gardens in Zurich,where different species of animals are kept open.Rhine Falls ,it does sounds like Nigeria Falls and it is obvious too.But on the way to Rhine Falls,Zoobi was mesmerized to see the crystal clear water and also loved playing in it by wetting her legs.

I know ,i am still in dreams when zoobi told me to check my bank accounts before going to Switzerland,As Switzerland is one of the most expensive European countries of all,it would lead to check your pockets every time,But as it is said that Switzerland offers best skiing and snowboarding in the world and a home to take away picturesque lakes and mountains.Everything runs on time ,its safe there ,its beautiful and everyone is super nice !!

Lets check out the Typical Indian things like Cost :-

Accommodation :-Private rooms starts around $77 a night .Hotels can be quite expensive there it cost around $80 to $110 a night ,while Geneva or in Zurich it cost around $100 a night.I wish i could stay at some relatives place .But i have none over there

Food:- As a Indian,we would love to hog .But food is quite expensive here and also its non spicy.Are they offering boiled potatoes with tomato puree ?.Bars and cafes are best option costing around $10 to $15 for light meal .If you’re dining out w, you’ll spend an average of $50 a day on food. The best place to buy food is Migros. It’s a supermarket that can be found everywhere and offers inexpensive groceries.So we have some option for eat out .

Transportation :-I know how costly it was in London ,Taxis are the bad option here too.Purchase a rail pass instead of looking for flying from one area to another .Public transport is also available and cheap too .

 Top Things to SEE and Enjoy 

Ski the Matterhorn – Since Switzerland offers the best skiing in the world ,do it for sure.Matterhorn is the epitome of all.You ll have to take train or bus ,as cars are not allowed.It is the most pollutant free area .So feel the real air 

Geneva-Third largest city in Switzerland,Geneva will bless your eyes with spectacular views of city's lake , Lake Geneva

Capital of Bern-It is old town city,you can roam around freely around the city and feel the old century there .Also check federal parliament there .

The Rhine Falls-Finally ,you can enjoy the place without spending much money out of your pockets.Pack your picnic lunch and look at at Europe's largest waterfall.

Explore St. Gallen-It carries  beautiful museums, colourful murals and one of a kind architecture. Don’t miss out on a day where you can eat, walk the city at your leisure and enjoy all it has to offer on your own time table.
There are many other visits too,visit Swiss Riviera,old villages,Chillon castle, and Mirror lake .

Its important to know about the Tips and Advice for the new place you are planning to visit .
Money Saver Tips 
1.Buy a Travel pass:-Do not waste you money in airlines for travel.Buy a travel pass either for a bus,boat or train
2.Skip the cable cars:-Although its fun,its one of the most expensive ways to tour which can hit hard to your budget
3.Book your Trains early :-Although trains are cheaper than planes.Booking your trains early can save your some more pennies
4.Do not eat out :-Food is very expensive in Switzerland.Try to cook as much as you can.Anyways ,Switzerland is not known for food 

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  1. Nice travel tips for Switzerland... I'm sure I'll recollect them if I ever plan to go there.

    All the best for the contest.

    Arvind Passey