Thursday, 1 August 2013

Smell that i wanted to...

Sitting on the street bench,Early morning I was smelling Bayer's ,sandwiches and the Morning Tea.Sunny shades coming on me and morning breeze was brushing my face.I saw a young man smiling on his own, Every second he breathed, there was  smell of the grass, the cool air on his stagnant face, was so precious.People waste so much time and never gaze at the beauty of the nature .Eating that hot dogs which smelled so saucy and yummy,I was engrossed in my thoughts.I am missing my country .My country which smelled like Ginger Tea,Spicy chats,Tasty Vada pav,Moms special food,Grandma’s love,Friends  craziness,street fights  and much more .
All of sudden I smelled Chanel ,and noticed that guy sitting next to me .I dont know If he was saying something to me ,but I was so much into my own thoughts that I missed it .
“Are you dead or what ?Am I smelling coffin or a zombie “
“That wasn’t funny ?”
“Oh,Pretty woman ,I am Jack “
“where are you girl , deep into memories ?’
“Yes , "Memories which are beautiful but we cannot touch them,taste them or smell them “
“Yes,Ma am”,But then you can surely feel them”
I smiled at the stranger who smelled like a bacon to me .
“Your name Lady “
“Sarah “
“Beautiful as you”
“I don’t appreciate you talking to me like that “
“Really,Okay”,what a bad name"
I ignored looking other side
“Try this a Bayer with cheese and onions “
“No Thanks “
“You are such a dead rose ,accept it ,this is the best Bayer in town “
“Thanks “Where are you from ?
Well,Thanks for the question ,I am  a wayfarer ,travel places ,go where ever I want and smell all that I want .
"Smell !!"
Yes ,Smell .I can smell people ,people who are happy,sad,neither and many things of their own.
"Sounds Funny"
Really,look God gave us many senses ,but I guess the nose is the best of all.Through smell you can understand what is it all about .Roses smells sweet,Sun smells burn,love smells lovely,Smiles smell happy,Anger smells devil,Raw smells hard,Destination smells journey
“And ma'am you smelled heavenly”
“A Wayfarer or astrologer kinda person you are “.I have never met someone like you “It was nice talking to you “ and i lifted my bag 
“You are still talking to me ..........And I am still not able to smell a smile " ,
“I smiled with all my heart “
“It would be my pleasure to walk with you “
“No,thanks ,you are smelling like a Jerk now”
“In our Country its called a Crush ,and its lovely one “he smiled 
We started walking .
“Your Country ,which is the country for a wayfarer “.
“Right now ,its yours “
I laughed my way out .
“Sarah ,life is never about past or future “.Its all about now and now.You cant regret your past as you cannot change it or you cannot plan your future now as you dont know about it  .So whatever it is play it now .And Right now I can smell pancakes in the Lane out there ,you want to join me ?”
“No,I am getting late “
“Sure “
There i was sitting with the stranger and eating those pancakes .
“Yummy “
“So you are here for some work or something “
“I will be going back to my country ,actually I had a option of going back soon ,but then it would be at the cost of financial loss”
“Financial loss,it’s the big term call it your happiness loss ,it sounds simple to me “
“I said nothing “
“Well,I am quite direct and frank in words ,I know I am young and handsome guy sitting with the beautiful Indian lady out here “I wish I could say that you smell most beautiful ever “I wish I could say that one day I come to meet you at your country and smell the dust out there “
“I really wanted to go back earlier ,but I will decide “
“Decide that you want your life or your big money ,go ahead girl “I really don’t know why people do not question,explore ,experiment,walk,run,dance,cry,laugh,ripple,pray bow,cajole,look whenever they want to”
“I think you should be late now, Do remember my name Jack Kolin “

That day I decided what I really want,I want to smell my moms lap and sleep there .I wanted to smell the oil in my hair with my grandmas champi.I wanted to smell my room shared with my sister.I wanted to smell my brother sweat shirt when he is back from school.I wanted to smell chirpiness on the streets of the market .I wanted to smell the spoiled street beggars and I wanted to smell like a Free bird in my own country .

This blog is exlusively written for Indiblogger presents Smelly Air to Smell Air by Ambipur

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