Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Human Going back to Apes

Humans and their rights ,first of all are we still humans ? Do we care ?Are we better than animals ?Are we using our free will ?
World is becoming crazy and animals ,we will be soon back to Apes.There are so many things to pen down ,I really don’t know from where to start .The only thing I can say is the earth is imbalanced with two type of humans ,one is giver and other is taker.I see humans who are so hungry that they live on mere rice and water full day,other side I see human who is so full that he have to walk all day .I see human who is so content that he sleeps all day and other who works so much that he have no time to sleep.I see human who work day and night to earn a penny,While I see human who have so much of wealth that his account can serve him up to his three generations.I see humans who never bother to check the price tag when buying anything .I see human who is cursed to be a girl and forced to be married .I also see a girl who want to get married but she is too ugly to get married .I see a healthy human begging on roads ,I also see handicapped human working hard and happy.I see human getting distributed,priced and selled ,there are many girls in many parts of the world who are forced upon and used like mere toys.Rich people buy them and poor parents sell them.Are they not humans ?Human murder human brutally and harshly like animals do and they are set free.In today's world ,humanity does not matter what matters is money .Yes,this paper called as money has more power than human emotions .This money can buy anything.Money can kill hundreds of innocents,there are so many bomb blast going on around the world .Human genocide killing mass number of people on the basis of cast,creed and religion.Human drink and drive and kill the innocent ones,do you know in most of the drink and drive cases the victim suffers the most while the driver of the car would suffer minor scratches as those cars have safety features.Humans get drunk and rape or gang rape innocent and helpless woman's,are they not born out of woman's? Don’t they think of their mothers,sisters and wives.Rich humans keep their maids who are under 18 ,are these maids not humans? Why are they kept as working robots ?.Human is born out of woman and now they do not want a girl child .Girl child births are not celebrated .Doctors who are considered as second gods ,now they can live people dying if they do not have money for operation.We humans celebrate and party hard and distribute food to the humans who already have food,instead cant we distribute food to the hungry and needy.Justice is now in hands of powerful humans ,you can win the case if you have power ,we do not mind even if you are on the wrong side .Husband can kill his wife .Father can rape his daughter.Children's can murder their parents .Robbers can cut humans into pieces just for their cash loot.Its high time to realise that we are humans and we have the power to kill the evil.We have the power to meditate and ask to Allah,the forgiver .He will show us the right path .I hope one day we humans will again turn into humans !!

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Help people ,Be Human

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Visit to Kashmir Theme restaurent-Poush

My husband gave me surprise and i loved it .This place has mesmerising interiors and good food too.Let the pictures do the talking

Naav table (Boat dining)

Kashmiri purdaahs

Take your seat

Saunf for you

The entrance

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Keep visiting!!!

How to Handle Human ?

I know I am talking about the most difficult task in the world .but sadly we are surrounded by people all around. Socializing is the most important task in the world. We are not humans if we are not socializing .There are different kind of human beings in this world. I would rather call them human beings as they are somewhat different than animals, who do not have their free will. We ,human beings (including myself too) are of many types ,no not talking about genders, race or class. Talking about nature ,some are smart, some are crazy, some are adamant, some are sweet, some are rude, some are mad, some are dominating, some are oversmart,some are dumb, some are natural, some are short tempered, some are chilled out, some are money minded, some are loving, some are wild, some are maniac, some are helpful, some are generous, some are Human. So many adjectives for human beings ,the only living being whom god granted their own will.

We see this humans everywhere ,and at times its hard to control them ?let’s check out some humorous ways to control the genre of great living beings called as humans 

1.Oversmart-They think world is in their hands and nobody can compete them. They can manage Wikipedia of their own and always ready to show off their fake knowledge, which is sometimes correct but sometimes added masala of their own. please mind them and do not try to argue with them. You will end up having fun!!

2.Clever backbiters -I can mean them as some girls ,they will be very sweet like sugar on pie ,on your face. You would never ever think what they are actually thinking of you. And if you cannot judge, they can make good use of you .You can probably know the truth of back biters as they keep on backbiting of every other person on earth ,except you. They are the ekta inspirational vamps.

3.Natural-You can’t love them ,you can’t hate them. They are nor smart neither dumb. But they are mirror of your image and mirror of their own life’s vulnerability. If you are good to them they will be good to  you and  the vice versa.

4.Dominating-the Selfish ones in quotes, does not mind to hurt you and mind your feelings. They just want you to listen them and their rules .They can be called as deaf and could be very irritating. I hope it’s not your boss type.

5.Helpful-Angels do exist. They would help however they can.Interms of anything, it can be money, moral support, education or prayers. They are the one who jeopardize your pain .I love this kind, but sadly very few of them exist .

There are many types of human, I can’t describe all of them, but all I can say “Be good, Do good and good will happen to you”. Jealousy would take you to the mountain and nor it can harm anyway to the other person. Be yourself an do not imitate people ,as nobody can replace the original. Back biting would never hamper the image of other person, it would directly or indirectly harm you and your peace. His new job should not matter you nor his new car .Human can never be content .If you want to compare yourself ,compare it with the lower ones. You are lucky you have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and a good shelter to live. There are many in this world who are deprived of basic needs. God gave us free will to think good of ourselves and look how we are using it on others .

Think good, Be good

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Immunity immunity come to me

Immunity immunity come to me,
We will play abc
A for Apple
B for Banana
C for Carrot
All for free

Fight against malaria
Fight against Flu
Intake the WBC
Made just for you

Look at the amla
It has Vitamin-C
It improves your eye sight 
Lives you all bright

Look at the ashwagandha
It will control your stress
And would leave you bless

Pippali is smiling 
Oh!! Why are you coughing
Kesar will do the magic wrine
Now look at your skin shine

Guduchi will make you strong
Go child run and do billabong
Karkatsringi fight for cold
So that kid you are always bold 

Satavari would increase your stamina
So that you play all along
And always be a winner

Bala would give you strength 
So that you fight like a batman

Immunity immunity come to me,
Dabur Chayawanprash has immunity
One two three

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Kids...its time to get Immune!!!

Living in the century where we get artificial eggs,coloured vegetables,Chemically injected fruits, unhygienic conditions,water crisis, water pollution, air pollution,Germs,insects,Mosquitoes and many more such living conditions. How do we immune our children’s against it ?How do we protect our future ,our kids ?How do we ensure a healthy environment? What can we do to ensure to protect our child from array of diseases and germs he or she is exposed daily?

Immunity is the state of defence system to fight against diseases to avoid infection or unwanted biological conditions .We should a keep check of many things so that our child lead a healthy and immune state of health.

1.Breast Feed your baby- Old nannies use to say that mother milk has the most power, there she meant “immunity”. Mother’s milk contains turbo charged immunity antibodies and white blood cells .It acts as a nursing guards against ear infections,allergies,diarrhoea,pneumonia,meningitis,urinary tract infections. We all know new Born's are so prone to these diseases and mother’s milk help them to be immune and fight against it .It may also help for baby’s brain development. The yellow “pre-milk “that flows from the breasts during first few days after birth, is especially rich in fighting antibodies. There are many great advantages of mother’s milk. I am really happy my mom feed ed me for about 6 months. Momma I love you .

2.Serve more Fruits and vegetables-Carrots, green beans, strawberries and my favourite oranges ,they all contain immune boosting nutrients. It increases body production of white blood cells which fights against infection. Nowadays ,kids run away from fruits and vegetables, try innovating these things by combining it with fruit salad decorating it with ice cream.Make vegetable salad in colourful bowl. Add Apples to their tiffins.Try Fruit custard at home for desert.

3.Boost Sleep time-Sleep deprivation can led to illness by reducing natural killer cells. Google says a newborn need about 18hours of sleep per day, while toddlers require 13-14hours of nap and pre-schoolers about 10 hours day. For school going children, they should go to bed early. I know there many things before sleep, it could be television, video game, pad and many such distractions which can steal their naps and also affect their eyes and brains.

4.Cleanliness-Cleanliness is next to godliness ,its true. Cleaner the surrounding is equal to healthier you. Fighting germs does not technically boost immunity but its great way to fight against germs .
-Make sure your child wash their hands often and with soap
-You should make sure of hygiene before and after meals (as children’s play outside ,they cuddle pets )
-wearing clean clothes
-Eating washed Fruits
-Avoid roadside chats
-Brushing teeth twice a day

5.Check you child Junk habits –Today burger, French fries, pizza are not amongst the uncommoner.Our kids know them very well and strive on these junk food.Occasionally eating these junk food is okay. But do keep a check your child is not popping those fries every alternate days. It will lead to obesity with no immunity at all. Carbonated sodas have nothing except carbon frizz which is unhealthy if consumed daily .

6.Give them lots of protein-to keep your kids healthy ,gift them proteins. Include proteins in their all meals (chicken,fish,meat,beans and legumes)

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents "Dabur Chyawanprash" Immune India

Monday, 21 October 2013

And thus we pray!!

Since childhood days,we were taught about God.Prayers,Religion,faith,your will and the holy book of god.
Prayer is a communication or connection with god.God who made us ,god who had all the plans already.
Praying to god is as important to us as eating food.Your inner conscience or your will is about your good thoughts and actions.Your every action will lead to your destiny.We pray to god so that he travel with us everywhere and guide us the right path.So that we do not hurt any innocent beings.So that we are not in a bad company.So that we are not into robbery and cheats.So that we do not murder any leads.So that we do not treat elders with disrespect.So that we help the poor and needy.So that we never become so greedy.So that we do not live in the lust world.So that we respect women's.So that we do not kill girls.So that we even help animals.So that we help people for education.So that we can give charity.So that we help people smile.So that we can help earth become a better place to live in.

We pray to allah asking for right path
We pray to allah asking for enlightenment
We pray to allah asking for inner peace
We pray to allah for giving us shelter 
We pray to allah for giving us good food
We pray to allah to give us job
We pray to allah for giving us new car 
We pray to allah for achieving success 
We pray to allah for health 
We pray to allah for expecting him to decide what is best for us when we are in dilemma
We pray to allah to give strength ,peace and pure intellect

And thus we pray forever !!!

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Destiny called love

Before this ,I have never been to india,and before this I have never been in love too.
Starting with my deep memories down the lane,I still cherish it every time I remember them.
Our Family were settled in London long back,we had heard many stories of india from mom and dad.This time,it was india calling us.
Mom’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding invitation popped up.It also popped arguments between me and my brother(we are twins) and mom.We do not want to miss our football match.But mom’s mind was working on some other things.All her life,she dedicated to us,and now she want some part of it back too.She wanted us to show her culture ,her hometown and her people .Ultimately,her motherly tears blackmailed us and we lost .

I was football champion those days and was really upset about the Visit to India,although we took our friends too,so that we could enjoy somehow.
And there we reached the place, India .

From the parking lot I saw the bunglow like palace was decorated with lights all over ,even the garden outside were covered with lights.Everybody moved ahead and I stood there in the parking lot alone,thinking where I am going and why .I saw somebody dressed like an Indian Bride I saw in magazines ,all in red running very fast with sandals in one hand and mobile in another .She past across me ,I felt her on my shoulder and our eyes met .She was mesmerizing beautiful and ran like a deer.I saw her taking a cab.She flashed out in a second .I felt some ouch in my heart for the first time ,and believe me I was not knowing what was it .Born and bought up in London,Beauty was never far from me.But this was some thing different ,very different.

I went ahead,Mom introduced me and my younger brother to the family elders, I can see many and many of them. Lots of colors and lots of girls .
I could not sleep properly that day,don’t know because of the place or because of the girl I saw .In the morning,when we went for the breakfast,my eyes were looking for her all the time and my mind wandering for her and wishing her to come back.Foreign settles were much in demand in india.Lots of parents were willing their girls to marry me (as I was eldest),it was boring to get introduced as future prince charming for the girl.I was introduced to 26 girls and none of them was her .Since,there were lots of youngsters in the crowd,we all talked and exchanged conversations too.I was socializing so that some how I could find her information.Three days passed,I was still engrossed in her thoughts .Ayaan(my younger twin brother) noticed me and my epic search.He tried convincing me it could me a flattering crush,and it will go in some time.But I was not convinced.I wanted to meet her ,know her and talk to her once ,atleast once .

And Allah was listening to me, I saw her .I smiled and smiled in my own world .And to my surprise, she was introduced to my mother, but not me .I was still happy that I found her .Ayaan noticed me and said,”so you found it “.Coincidently, one of the her cousin, introduced her to all of us.Her smile was cute and she was very bubbly and naughty .She did not talked to me or smiled at me, I was still thinking of her.

It was dinner time, change in weather conditions I got stomach upset.
Somebody knocked my door, and guess what. She was standing in front with the tray of food; she was saying something I could not hear.

“Naomi was busy, so aunty told me to give you this food, its healthy one, now can I come in?”She smiled 
“Yeah of course “my heart ached 
“I am Sarah, I don’t know if you remember me or my name?  “
‘Is she joking or making fun of my feelings “I thought
“So why are you not eating food, you in love or what “I am kidding? She paused and smiled 
I smiled inside too
“Stomach upset because of weather change “
“Okay, do take care and eat well”
She was leaving but I wanted to continue 
“Where were you running that day?”
“I was rushing to my best friend’s birthday; it was too late to change my clothes so I went in the same wedding clothes”
“Does that mean she also noticed me that day?”
“Oh great, thank god!!” “I thought you were running from your own wedding or something”
“Don’t worry I won’t “She smiled and gazed her eyebrows.

I was not keeping well for two days, and worried that I could not see her or talk to her for two days. But whenever, you want something right from bottom of your heart, you will get it there.
She was standing in front of me .
“So Indian food does not suit you”
“No, Actually”
“SSsssh,Rest ….I will talk “
“Yes maam”
“How will an Indian girl suit you, I am bothered “
“I did saw you the first time ,I pushed you in the garden”
“For some days,I was at my grandpas home ,but eagerly came back so that I could find you,I came back looking for you.I was not knowing your name .But It was really nice to know you as a person,who is so gentlemen and good at heart.I wanted to talk to you and be with you all the time.But I thought,this would not be proper gesture for a girl .You know orthodox people.I came to your room,many times just to see you.”

We both smiled in our hearts ,now she is my wife and that was a platinum moment for both of us 
Rest is all love pure,rare and eternal

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