Monday, 21 October 2013

And thus we pray!!

Since childhood days,we were taught about God.Prayers,Religion,faith,your will and the holy book of god.
Prayer is a communication or connection with god.God who made us ,god who had all the plans already.
Praying to god is as important to us as eating food.Your inner conscience or your will is about your good thoughts and actions.Your every action will lead to your destiny.We pray to god so that he travel with us everywhere and guide us the right path.So that we do not hurt any innocent beings.So that we are not in a bad company.So that we are not into robbery and cheats.So that we do not murder any leads.So that we do not treat elders with disrespect.So that we help the poor and needy.So that we never become so greedy.So that we do not live in the lust world.So that we respect women's.So that we do not kill girls.So that we even help animals.So that we help people for education.So that we can give charity.So that we help people smile.So that we can help earth become a better place to live in.

We pray to allah asking for right path
We pray to allah asking for enlightenment
We pray to allah asking for inner peace
We pray to allah for giving us shelter 
We pray to allah for giving us good food
We pray to allah to give us job
We pray to allah for giving us new car 
We pray to allah for achieving success 
We pray to allah for health 
We pray to allah for expecting him to decide what is best for us when we are in dilemma
We pray to allah to give strength ,peace and pure intellect

And thus we pray forever !!!

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