Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to Handle Human ?

I know I am talking about the most difficult task in the world .but sadly we are surrounded by people all around. Socializing is the most important task in the world. We are not humans if we are not socializing .There are different kind of human beings in this world. I would rather call them human beings as they are somewhat different than animals, who do not have their free will. We ,human beings (including myself too) are of many types ,no not talking about genders, race or class. Talking about nature ,some are smart, some are crazy, some are adamant, some are sweet, some are rude, some are mad, some are dominating, some are oversmart,some are dumb, some are natural, some are short tempered, some are chilled out, some are money minded, some are loving, some are wild, some are maniac, some are helpful, some are generous, some are Human. So many adjectives for human beings ,the only living being whom god granted their own will.

We see this humans everywhere ,and at times its hard to control them ?let’s check out some humorous ways to control the genre of great living beings called as humans 

1.Oversmart-They think world is in their hands and nobody can compete them. They can manage Wikipedia of their own and always ready to show off their fake knowledge, which is sometimes correct but sometimes added masala of their own. please mind them and do not try to argue with them. You will end up having fun!!

2.Clever backbiters -I can mean them as some girls ,they will be very sweet like sugar on pie ,on your face. You would never ever think what they are actually thinking of you. And if you cannot judge, they can make good use of you .You can probably know the truth of back biters as they keep on backbiting of every other person on earth ,except you. They are the ekta inspirational vamps.

3.Natural-You can’t love them ,you can’t hate them. They are nor smart neither dumb. But they are mirror of your image and mirror of their own life’s vulnerability. If you are good to them they will be good to  you and  the vice versa.

4.Dominating-the Selfish ones in quotes, does not mind to hurt you and mind your feelings. They just want you to listen them and their rules .They can be called as deaf and could be very irritating. I hope it’s not your boss type.

5.Helpful-Angels do exist. They would help however they can.Interms of anything, it can be money, moral support, education or prayers. They are the one who jeopardize your pain .I love this kind, but sadly very few of them exist .

There are many types of human, I can’t describe all of them, but all I can say “Be good, Do good and good will happen to you”. Jealousy would take you to the mountain and nor it can harm anyway to the other person. Be yourself an do not imitate people ,as nobody can replace the original. Back biting would never hamper the image of other person, it would directly or indirectly harm you and your peace. His new job should not matter you nor his new car .Human can never be content .If you want to compare yourself ,compare it with the lower ones. You are lucky you have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and a good shelter to live. There are many in this world who are deprived of basic needs. God gave us free will to think good of ourselves and look how we are using it on others .

Think good, Be good


  1. humans cannot be easily satisfied. they always want for more, more n more. nice descriptions of people's nature. good one :)

  2. @Rat true we want more and more .Give me duster and i will ask for BMW .Give me clear skin and i will ask for thick hairs too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)