Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Human Going back to Apes

Humans and their rights ,first of all are we still humans ? Do we care ?Are we better than animals ?Are we using our free will ?
World is becoming crazy and animals ,we will be soon back to Apes.There are so many things to pen down ,I really don’t know from where to start .The only thing I can say is the earth is imbalanced with two type of humans ,one is giver and other is taker.I see humans who are so hungry that they live on mere rice and water full day,other side I see human who is so full that he have to walk all day .I see human who is so content that he sleeps all day and other who works so much that he have no time to sleep.I see human who work day and night to earn a penny,While I see human who have so much of wealth that his account can serve him up to his three generations.I see humans who never bother to check the price tag when buying anything .I see human who is cursed to be a girl and forced to be married .I also see a girl who want to get married but she is too ugly to get married .I see a healthy human begging on roads ,I also see handicapped human working hard and happy.I see human getting distributed,priced and selled ,there are many girls in many parts of the world who are forced upon and used like mere toys.Rich people buy them and poor parents sell them.Are they not humans ?Human murder human brutally and harshly like animals do and they are set free.In today's world ,humanity does not matter what matters is money .Yes,this paper called as money has more power than human emotions .This money can buy anything.Money can kill hundreds of innocents,there are so many bomb blast going on around the world .Human genocide killing mass number of people on the basis of cast,creed and religion.Human drink and drive and kill the innocent ones,do you know in most of the drink and drive cases the victim suffers the most while the driver of the car would suffer minor scratches as those cars have safety features.Humans get drunk and rape or gang rape innocent and helpless woman's,are they not born out of woman's? Don’t they think of their mothers,sisters and wives.Rich humans keep their maids who are under 18 ,are these maids not humans? Why are they kept as working robots ?.Human is born out of woman and now they do not want a girl child .Girl child births are not celebrated .Doctors who are considered as second gods ,now they can live people dying if they do not have money for operation.We humans celebrate and party hard and distribute food to the humans who already have food,instead cant we distribute food to the hungry and needy.Justice is now in hands of powerful humans ,you can win the case if you have power ,we do not mind even if you are on the wrong side .Husband can kill his wife .Father can rape his daughter.Children's can murder their parents .Robbers can cut humans into pieces just for their cash loot.Its high time to realise that we are humans and we have the power to kill the evil.We have the power to meditate and ask to Allah,the forgiver .He will show us the right path .I hope one day we humans will again turn into humans !!

This blog post is exclusively written for Amnesty International Blogging Competition 2013!
Help people ,Be Human

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