Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kids...its time to get Immune!!!

Living in the century where we get artificial eggs,coloured vegetables,Chemically injected fruits, unhygienic conditions,water crisis, water pollution, air pollution,Germs,insects,Mosquitoes and many more such living conditions. How do we immune our children’s against it ?How do we protect our future ,our kids ?How do we ensure a healthy environment? What can we do to ensure to protect our child from array of diseases and germs he or she is exposed daily?

Immunity is the state of defence system to fight against diseases to avoid infection or unwanted biological conditions .We should a keep check of many things so that our child lead a healthy and immune state of health.

1.Breast Feed your baby- Old nannies use to say that mother milk has the most power, there she meant “immunity”. Mother’s milk contains turbo charged immunity antibodies and white blood cells .It acts as a nursing guards against ear infections,allergies,diarrhoea,pneumonia,meningitis,urinary tract infections. We all know new Born's are so prone to these diseases and mother’s milk help them to be immune and fight against it .It may also help for baby’s brain development. The yellow “pre-milk “that flows from the breasts during first few days after birth, is especially rich in fighting antibodies. There are many great advantages of mother’s milk. I am really happy my mom feed ed me for about 6 months. Momma I love you .

2.Serve more Fruits and vegetables-Carrots, green beans, strawberries and my favourite oranges ,they all contain immune boosting nutrients. It increases body production of white blood cells which fights against infection. Nowadays ,kids run away from fruits and vegetables, try innovating these things by combining it with fruit salad decorating it with ice cream.Make vegetable salad in colourful bowl. Add Apples to their tiffins.Try Fruit custard at home for desert.

3.Boost Sleep time-Sleep deprivation can led to illness by reducing natural killer cells. Google says a newborn need about 18hours of sleep per day, while toddlers require 13-14hours of nap and pre-schoolers about 10 hours day. For school going children, they should go to bed early. I know there many things before sleep, it could be television, video game, pad and many such distractions which can steal their naps and also affect their eyes and brains.

4.Cleanliness-Cleanliness is next to godliness ,its true. Cleaner the surrounding is equal to healthier you. Fighting germs does not technically boost immunity but its great way to fight against germs .
-Make sure your child wash their hands often and with soap
-You should make sure of hygiene before and after meals (as children’s play outside ,they cuddle pets )
-wearing clean clothes
-Eating washed Fruits
-Avoid roadside chats
-Brushing teeth twice a day

5.Check you child Junk habits –Today burger, French fries, pizza are not amongst the uncommoner.Our kids know them very well and strive on these junk food.Occasionally eating these junk food is okay. But do keep a check your child is not popping those fries every alternate days. It will lead to obesity with no immunity at all. Carbonated sodas have nothing except carbon frizz which is unhealthy if consumed daily .

6.Give them lots of protein-to keep your kids healthy ,gift them proteins. Include proteins in their all meals (chicken,fish,meat,beans and legumes)

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