Friday, 29 November 2013

Ambipur Homerange -Product review

Ambi pur Air effects is air freshner which is available in two flavours-


1.Blossom and Breeze

2.Thai Orange


I have used the Blossom and Breeze one,it fragrances my bedroom.I usually uses the air freshner before leaving for office and I get the pleasant fragrance everytime I enter the bedroom ,back in the evening .It’s easy to use spray and elegant to keep.Can there be anything smells like a bouqet of flower scents carried in by the gust of wind ? .You will feel the fragrance throughout your room.

The Other flavor thai Orange , I haven’t used it yet !!
Price :- Rs 220 /-

Ambi pur Set and Fresh is Renewal refill,so it ultimately saves your money and give your home a fragrance upto 60 days .It comes in many flavours such as

·         Haiwan flowers starter

·         New Springs starter

·         Thai Dragon fruit starter

·         Sweet Citrus and Zest

Quantity 5.5 ml
Price :- Rs 180/-

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Smell everywhere

Nose,the most beautiful part of human face ,also plays a crucial role in his life too.I know it helps in breathing .But it also helps in activating our sense.Yup,the smelling sense .We use our nose right from morning to evening .Lets check out the smelling schedule :-


-I got up at morning and went straight to bathroom,the first thing we do is brushing teeth .The toothpaste smelled so minty and flavoured too.Do they add sugar in it ,I wondered .It was time for bath after burshing my teeth.The Shampoo smells so good ,its like aromatic oils are soothing my nose senses too and I played with it while shampooing.The Soap I use having the jojoba oils smell and I thought it should stay on body all the while .


-First thing I need at morning is Tea. Ginger smells throughout the house running from kitchen to the hall.Removing those cornflakes for breakfast,I smelled strawberry coating of the flakes.


-Time for cooking my office lunch , I smelled so much from cauliflower to coriander , I smelled the tingy smell of Ginger garlic paste.


-I did shopping last week,so time for new clothes.Have you ever realized the new clothes smells so good?Infact,I love the smell of new shoes too,my husband use to laugh on me and when I smelled his new shoes.But I loved it .


-My husband is perfume addict,so am I ,now .Rain drops on me and my clothes ,it would make my day everytime ,I smell it .


-It was time for leaving for office,neighborhood smells like Alu ka paratha with that desi ghee,I know its smells yummy.But Singh Aunty’s place always smells yummy.From the smell itself,you can guess the dish.


-Ooops , I stamped something bad on the road,and I must say it smells very bad .Time for changing my shoes ,and I would be late to office .

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Monday, 25 November 2013

My Filmy side-Romantic Dialogue shayari

Hume samaj mein nahi aaya ki woh ek ladki thi yaa pari,such kaha tha kisine fullo se nazook thi woh.Us din ki subah jab gulaabi libaas mein woh aayi ,bhikare se baal usko is kadar sata rahe the ,mano woh aaj eid mane rahe the.Upar se subah ka suraj bhi aaj jyaada hi muskura raha tha,usse bhi aaj zameen par chand nazar aa raha tha.Uske pairo ke paazeb is kadar baj rahi thi,mano naachne ko woh aaj bechain thi.Aaj hume laga ki hoor kise kehte hain uski ankhon main samundar nazar aa raha tha.Usne toh ek baar bhi nahi dekha hume ,aur hume usse pyaar hua jaa raha tha.Aae khuda teri aaj tariff karne ko man kar raha tha,tune dharti par yeh kya utara tha.Muskurahat jaise koi abhi paida hua bacha hain.Aur gusse mein bhi badapan dikha raha tha .Haathon mein gulab tha ,aur woh khush tha ki woh khud ek gulab ke haathon mein.Aaj subah aisi jiski koi subah nahi.Nikhar gaye hum usse dekhar is kadar jaisse humne Ittar laga rakha tha .Ankhein humari hat nahi rahi thi ,yeh kaisa aalam bana rakha tha.Bhul gaye hum sab gum ko,ab khudko bhulna tha baaki .Samaj mein nahi aaya Pariyo ko kyu zameen par bula rakha tha .Tum ghabrayi bhi is kadar hume dekhkar ,jaise koi badmash dekh liya ho tumne,aur kya kare humari nazar bhi tumse hatne ka naam hi nahi le rahi thi.Hum nazar mila kar tadap gaye aur tum nazar jhuka kar chale gaye.Ae Ishq tumne hume pagal bana rakha tha !!


My filmy side -Shayari

Is qadar nikhar jaati hoon main tujhe dekhkar
Maano aakal mein bearish aa gayi ho

Tu bus ek baar muskura de mujhe dekhkar
Hum toh puri zindagi yuhi ji lage

Dil karta hain naach utho main
Aur saari duniya dil mein bassa lo

Teri ek nazar ke hum deewane
Varna hum bhi insaan huye karte the kabhi

Breezing the Blackberry Breezer

The Door bell rang
We all went bang
Jumping and Hoping
We all are dancing

We were meeting
Happy and greeting

Let’s have a drink
So that we won’t wink

Our favorite flavor
Not the Orange
Not the Cherry
It is only the Black berry

Spring it taste
Comes with awesome color
Keep it in Freezer
That is Blackberry Bacardi Breezer!

Drink it !!
Sip it !!
And now you smile !!
Yes ,Girl you can walk a mile

Less of alcohol
More of flavor
That is our Blackberry Bacardi Breezer!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

What is everyday without a Tablet?

Tablets can help me save my camera money !
I can click at each moment I want to honey
I can keep it in my purse
And move out without a curse

Playing games everywhere
Here and there

I can study with them
Can make my notes anywhere ?

Have my next appointment details
Schedule my day on my fingernails

Take down my next meeting
With this is so easy thing

Watch and Stream news whenever I want
Oh the world going on haunt

Share my photos upright
Facebook is looking so bright

I can use for navigator
Whenever I want to travel new places

Can speak and video speak with anybody I want ?
World is so near now ,I never thought

I can get my bank statements
There and then

I can virtually sign papers online
Now everything is going so smooth and fine

I can convert my voice into text
Sometimes there is no need to type

I can scan my documents and mail it there
Scan looks so good and rare

Reading a novel is now so easy
Standing in bus queue ,makes me crazy

Now I don’t need to carry those folders
Everything is compact in my tablet holder

When I am bored ,I will look for hotspots
Movies and entertainment spots

Sending and Receiving those HR documents
Life is easy to fill them and send !

Now my desk space is saved
Don’t need a table or a desk

Without the tablet ,how could be things so easier
I can’t imagine a day or hour !

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Travelling to Bangkok

It’s been a long time ,we need a sumptuous break !Break from work ,break from household chores and ofcourse rejuvenation to our senses.Me and my husband ,we both are so much engrossed into our work life ,that we have no time to play around .So we planned to take –a-Chill-pill.After much thoughts and discussion ,we finally decided to head towards Bangkok!!So that we can chill,relax and enjoy our time together and go mad in life as we want.I have mostly seen Bangkok through movies ,where I can see Bangkok full of lights and  full of shopperstop.If you need a spa,Bangkok tops it all.The name itself says “Bang  on“.What say let’s go to Bangkok ?

Must try in Bangkok
1.Food in Bangkok (Although I wont try the weird ones)
2.Street Shopping (I am dying hard to do this )
3.Partying in Bangkok
4.Visitng a Royal touch
5.Enchanting a Spa(They specialize in it ,Don’t they)

Lets start with food ,I know we cannot try everything which looks as family,in the menu ,I hope you are a non vegetarian and wont regret anything else going into your stomach.Food lovers can experiment anything .
1.Pad Thai- thai style vermicelli wrapped with fried egg and shrimps. They used charcoal fire to fry this thai food
2.Papaya salad - Isaan dish is som tam a spicy salad prepared from unripe papayas. While Thais prepare this with dried shrimp, in Isaan the preferred style is with preserved crab (puu) or mudfish, an acquired taste.
3.Wanton Noodles-Don’t expect the Indian style Chinese noodles,but do try wanton noodles from the local shops,and you know what you have to add on the table is chilli powder,sauce,Vinegar and fish sauce .
4.Steam Buns –Have you heard of ?they have varities of bun which also includes different types fillings in it
5.Salt Grilled Fish –You will actually see lots of salts on the fish !!
I am stomach full,lets go shopping now ,
1.Chatuchak market –sounds like Crawford market in Mumbai.Its the market popular among wholesalers and traders .Veteran shoppers would agree that almost everything is on Sale here .I am sure ,nobody would miss visiting this one .You can shop various colorful Tshirts,tops,tunics,skirts,jeans,pants,palazos,parallels etc.
2.After Dark Shopping-In most countries,after dark its sleeping time ,But After Dark shopping wins it all.Yes,you heard it right we can shop after dark too
There are many such markets such as Flowers market,Tor Tor Food market ,China town market ,Vintage market etc ,many to pen down and I can’t wait to visit .
Lets go royal,Grand palace-undoubtedly the city's most famous landmark. Built in 1782 - and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government.The interiors and the architecture it is so  royal and so unique,you would love to see this landmark where the Thai King ruled for many years .Grand palace,is a must visit for soothing your eyes for royal touch .
Wat Pho-this is a giant temple with lots of giants monks in it . The Giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 meters long and is covered in gold leaf .Since Buddha is so ultra famous here ,You find this place far more relaxing .You can also get Traditional Thai massage here .You know Wat Pho is also famous for leading school of massages in Thailand.So you are in good hands ,as they experts to relax your senses. At pho is really famous for popular leisure activity and its near to Grand palace
Royal Barges Museum -At this museum you can discover eight of the country's most unique and stunning vessels: the Royal Barge.I am sure you love to see the antiques.These boats are especially reserved for specials occasions like processions and auspicious ceremonies . Each Vessel is carved from large pieces of teak, their prows engraved with mythical  great creatures, embroidered in gold and intricately decorated with tiny shimmering pieces of glass. Rowed by up to 50 specially trained oarsmen, the boats leave their dry dock at festival times .This is what I came to know about it ,But I would love to see the

You can see Suan pakkad palce,Wangderm palace .
The Ecstasy of the place will make you go rounds ,the hustle bustle of the markets and Serene breeze of the Krabi would take you to another world. You can run around in Bikini with your mate and chat with him/her for hours and hours. You would not be disturbed until you wished to. The Beaches are so clean and green ,the nature will fill your lungs with wonders, wonders of god .You can enjoy the evening with soft music and dance with your mate .No large crowd in the Krabi ,so you can feel the rejuvenation for your senses. you can dip in the pool and play in the blue waters .
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