Friday, 29 November 2013

Ambipur Homerange -Product review

Ambi pur Air effects is air freshner which is available in two flavours-


1.Blossom and Breeze

2.Thai Orange


I have used the Blossom and Breeze one,it fragrances my bedroom.I usually uses the air freshner before leaving for office and I get the pleasant fragrance everytime I enter the bedroom ,back in the evening .It’s easy to use spray and elegant to keep.Can there be anything smells like a bouqet of flower scents carried in by the gust of wind ? .You will feel the fragrance throughout your room.

The Other flavor thai Orange , I haven’t used it yet !!
Price :- Rs 220 /-

Ambi pur Set and Fresh is Renewal refill,so it ultimately saves your money and give your home a fragrance upto 60 days .It comes in many flavours such as

·         Haiwan flowers starter

·         New Springs starter

·         Thai Dragon fruit starter

·         Sweet Citrus and Zest

Quantity 5.5 ml
Price :- Rs 180/-

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