Friday, 29 November 2013

Smell everywhere

Nose,the most beautiful part of human face ,also plays a crucial role in his life too.I know it helps in breathing .But it also helps in activating our sense.Yup,the smelling sense .We use our nose right from morning to evening .Lets check out the smelling schedule :-


-I got up at morning and went straight to bathroom,the first thing we do is brushing teeth .The toothpaste smelled so minty and flavoured too.Do they add sugar in it ,I wondered .It was time for bath after burshing my teeth.The Shampoo smells so good ,its like aromatic oils are soothing my nose senses too and I played with it while shampooing.The Soap I use having the jojoba oils smell and I thought it should stay on body all the while .


-First thing I need at morning is Tea. Ginger smells throughout the house running from kitchen to the hall.Removing those cornflakes for breakfast,I smelled strawberry coating of the flakes.


-Time for cooking my office lunch , I smelled so much from cauliflower to coriander , I smelled the tingy smell of Ginger garlic paste.


-I did shopping last week,so time for new clothes.Have you ever realized the new clothes smells so good?Infact,I love the smell of new shoes too,my husband use to laugh on me and when I smelled his new shoes.But I loved it .


-My husband is perfume addict,so am I ,now .Rain drops on me and my clothes ,it would make my day everytime ,I smell it .


-It was time for leaving for office,neighborhood smells like Alu ka paratha with that desi ghee,I know its smells yummy.But Singh Aunty’s place always smells yummy.From the smell itself,you can guess the dish.


-Ooops , I stamped something bad on the road,and I must say it smells very bad .Time for changing my shoes ,and I would be late to office .

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