Sunday, 24 November 2013

What is everyday without a Tablet?

Tablets can help me save my camera money !
I can click at each moment I want to honey
I can keep it in my purse
And move out without a curse

Playing games everywhere
Here and there

I can study with them
Can make my notes anywhere ?

Have my next appointment details
Schedule my day on my fingernails

Take down my next meeting
With this is so easy thing

Watch and Stream news whenever I want
Oh the world going on haunt

Share my photos upright
Facebook is looking so bright

I can use for navigator
Whenever I want to travel new places

Can speak and video speak with anybody I want ?
World is so near now ,I never thought

I can get my bank statements
There and then

I can virtually sign papers online
Now everything is going so smooth and fine

I can convert my voice into text
Sometimes there is no need to type

I can scan my documents and mail it there
Scan looks so good and rare

Reading a novel is now so easy
Standing in bus queue ,makes me crazy

Now I don’t need to carry those folders
Everything is compact in my tablet holder

When I am bored ,I will look for hotspots
Movies and entertainment spots

Sending and Receiving those HR documents
Life is easy to fill them and send !

Now my desk space is saved
Don’t need a table or a desk

Without the tablet ,how could be things so easier
I can’t imagine a day or hour !

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents “Betterway is here “ Lenovo

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