Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Letter to my manager

To ,
Dear  Manager,

From the day I joined your project, you resembled like a perfect devil sitting on my head. Initially I ignored you totally. As the nonsense mind of yours took speed and you kept on taunting me all the time, every time you come on my desk ,I wanted to hit you hard .Why the hell you want status of work in every ten minutes ? Why are you so uneasy at your own place ?Why do you keep roaming at the desk of your all team members.I know its your work to make your team members life resembling like hell, and congratulations you are almost on the verge of it .But I tell you reading the chats of your team members is such a bad habit ,You Old grumpy man.And your taunts kill us more than the Saas bahu taunts in serials.Why do you think that every task you give can be finished in just 10 minutes ?Do you think we all do bhangda working all day when the task (according to you ) can be completed in 10 minutes. I hate your fake smile when I say there are so many task assigned to me(feels like punch you and break your teeth).We all team members give you good amount of bad words on your back. You desperately need a holiday on mountains (As there will be no network).Stop calling me after working hours you bullshit .I never use those words,but for you there are no better ones .Even if your are on leave ,you bother to login the communicator early in the morning just to check our timings ,you are such Dog watch or watch dog, whatever we call it .We are amazed of your love for this project that you mail us early at 4:00 am. What do you think while mailing? If any of us ,would see your email …we would jumpstart our work at 4:10 am. We all hope that you never get promoted?but if yes ,you should not be assigned this project. You are the most insensible manager I have met who is restless all the time. Truly speaking, you will get nothing even after successful delivery of this project. So why putting our blood life in this project .and making professional life hell …you Devil!!I know you are not gonna read this, you hardly surf !!If by mistake you read it, it’s good to know about your management, as you call it Feedback 


  1. haha can I forward this to another know-it-all annoying shit head in this world?

  2. True facts of some crazy managers