Thursday, 19 December 2013

Go Vote India

 Not really sure why should I vote? or whom should I vote? Else, I really don’t care and will it matter if I vote? Will the petrol prices  go down to Rs 30/litre ,if I vote ?.How about the Onions  Rs 15/kg and the tomatoes 10/kg.Can I expect the proper maintained roads without the potholes ? .The Water supply in my area is the least ,we have to buy water which is very costly . Nowadays the Rickshaw ride is also not affordable and the trains are so full all the time.Will the common problems of a common man be solved? Would the girls be safe in the area of these politicians ?.I really don’t know what these leaders  blabber on the stage and I am very common person who just do not want to get exploited by them. I just want to live happy life .Everyday shocks can give me heart attack,which is so costly in private hospitals.Oh the doctors ,they are made for rich people nowadays ,they don’t even bother to at least respect their doctor oath. In this Country Rich is getting richer and Poor is getting poorer. Sometimes ,I think I should boycott going to those heavenly costliest PVR’s or those lovely magnet malls ,will they affect the richer people .I guess no, they have business in all areas. We “middle class “ people have to look for price tags everywhere .Price tags  in Hotels ,price tags in clothing shops, Price tags in Malls etc.We are habituated to spend our life this way. We are so large in number ,but we still don’t bother to vote ,as according to us ,Nothing changes even if we vote .We will face the same Traffic and Potholes every year .At times ,we would also face those corrupted builders ,all because of the system.I cant believe that One BHK would cost me more than Crore .Are they joking or making fun of me ?I don’t earn a crore in a decade .House rates in a metro city can go up to skies. My grandmother says,”those were the days when my father bought a big house for mere Rs 5000”.I guess those were the real days of voting.People were clean and honest those days.Nowadays, milk is mixed with water and Green peas is mixed with colors. Dishonesty getting into our bloods. As everything is becoming so very costly. Poor Fathers are selling their daughters ,as they do not have enough money to make a living .Can they think of voting ? Or would they vote anytime, I wonder.

Yesterday I saw news of postman who got clean chit,after he was accused of stealing Rs 45 or something ,he lost his job for that .While our politicians they are accused of Crores of scams ,but would they be punished anytime on earth, I know they would be certainly put into Hell ,but what about this world. Coal Scams, Water Scams, Builder Scams, Ashram Scams ,They would affect the common man in brutal way and same scams would earn crores to these politicians .What a Irony ?Oh common man ,you are earning but not for yourself .But your vote matters .While we are exploited in our country , now foreign countries are trying to exploit us too ,those burgers and pizzas ,I never understand why should we pay taxes to them ?Why don’t they include the tax part in the mrp?and what about that VAT part ?Should I still vote in General elections ?This question comes verytime when a common man who work from morning Nine to evening Nine ,have to burn their pockets .I hope Aam Aadmi Party would come in Mumbai too.I would surely vote them as AAP is working wonders in Delhi .I wish them luck .And I wish some day India will see a brand new India which can breathe Air.And that can be done only through voting. Our large population can give large number of votes to the right candidate.

Top Five Reason I Should Vote? Vote Humara Haq hain

  •         It’s my money (I mean your money ).The governers,state officials,legislators,president ,members of parliament will decide how much of your wealth will they invest in public services
  •          It’s your children education; yes they are the one who decides how costly would be the education. Decisions of the members would affect the public schools and colleges.
  •          It’s your job. The members you select would influence what job training is available, minimum wages, fairness in hiring, workplace safety etc
  •          It’s your Health .Actions by the members you vote would affect their decisions on Medicare, Medical facilities.
  •          It’s your neighbourhood.The Elected officials and judges we vote to retain make daily decisions about the crime prevention,laws,safe and affordable homes,traffic,Parks and recreations

Let’s get Funny ,
Top Funny Excuses we don’t vote :-
  •  I am 18 years old ,but I don’t look like one !
  •  My dog ate my voting card
  • I can’t afford to miss my Television serial
  • I went last time and they did not offer me free food
  •  Its raining too heavily
  •   My wife would kill me ,if I vote
  •   I feel guilty when the person whom I vote would lose
  • I would vote only if they have voting stands in Five star hotels
  •   A Film star can attract me to Voting booths
  • What can I get in return?a vadapav atleast
  •  One vote and one offer or a deal of salon or shopping voucher. I promise my family would vote.
  •  Does my vote make any difference?

Now let’s get serious ,In India ,the next government will be decided by the people by electing members of parliament to the Loksabha.
Following Parties will contest in Loksabha Elections :-
1.Indian National Congress:-It was founded 127 years ago,hence it is the largest social democratic political party in the world .It includes members like A.O.Hume,Subhash Chandra bose ,Jawaharlal Nehru,Mahatma  Gandhi .And Now Sonia Gandhi

2.Bharati Janata Party :-It was founded in 1980 by Atal bihari Vajpayee.It includesmembers like Advani,Murli manohar,Nitin gadkari.And now Narendra modi.

3.AAP-Common man party ,Founded in 2012.Their motto is against corruption.Their supporters include Anna Hazare,Kiran Bedi and Memebers like Arvind Kejriwal.

I know it’s too difficult to choose, while the old parties or the new ones ,we are the one who decides who will rule the rules of our Country or our States .So let’s go and vote .
As the matter of technology ,we are too lazy to go and stand in those big queues and vote .We would rather sit at home and watch our favorite movies or play games on our smart phones .Or else give us a mobile app and we will give you a click.

A Simple but effective mobile application download can be responsible for a citizen to vote and Create a new India and all by technology.
“Be the change you want to see “
1.If you are first time voter (I am sure there are many first timers ),Please download the application in simple steps and just fill the form & upload your photo.
2.Take print out of the form from your mail and submit to your ERO along with necessary proofs and signatures .
3.Enroll and Vote for change in the coming election.#VoteForIndia

Mobile voting is so easy to do thing for us,as we are on mobile all the time. We can access it anywhere and anytime, hence it will make election accessible for everyone and especially  the youth .I guess we can even find out the representative details through this apps,so at least we know to make the right decision. However this concept requires some kind of encryption or things like Finger print scan ,so that it is secure and unique .

So come on India,lets Vote !!

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