Sunday, 8 December 2013

Irony of a stomach !!!

The other day ,me and my husband went to Chinese restaurant .The restaurant was too full ,we had to wait for an hour .And later got the tables near the door .We ordered Monchow soup,Five spice Chicken starters and Delicious special rice prawns noodles .Since it was chilly evening, I hurried sipping the hot soup and noticed the door keeper.He was young boy and was continuously staring at me .I ignored and then came the starters and I noticed he was staring at the food. The look on this guy now turned up into innocent and very hungry one .He was looking at the food with his stomach .I became so cautious all the time. What an Irony of a stomach, You are the one who opens the door of delicious food  for everybody ,but your stomach is still hungry !!.And I thought I can help this guy .But there are many who go hungry and are deprived for basic needs .

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