Saturday, 7 December 2013

So you are my Best Friend !!

Best friends are really special,they are the ones whom we can shoulder upon whenever we want,in whatever situation you are!! You will always find love and only love from them.They have divine powers to calm you down and they have those magic wands to make you happy all the time ,and no matter what .Best friends are made for forgiving all your mistakes.They are fun and they are crazy too!!Life is so much beautiful with those soft and smiling face which is also called as “BEST FRIEND”.I am sure ,we all have best friends.They could be your mother ,they could be your father,your sister,your brother or simply some one you met at school or college .

Me and my bestie had lots of fun together ,I will try to pen down some of my favourite moments with my best friends :-
1.During my school days,I and my best friend use to run to her home during recess just to have those lovely parathas at her home .And not surprisingly we both were punished by our teacher ,as we were too late to school.It was all the time ,me to have those parathas ,and the punishment was totally worth it .I still love those  yummy parathas!

2.We had those school rituals on birthday,you can take your best friend for distributing chocolates to other teachers.I still remember it was most precious moment,as If we were awarded lifetime achievement award ,(Oh she chooses me as a partner).

3.Pulling your best buddies to do all the fun was the best part,My buddy was very sweet and sober ,while I was mischievous one ,so she was my partner in crime ,fun was never fun without her .

4.I still remember that day,when mom was not at home.I called her ,we tried all the makeup ,accessories of mom. We tried that dark maroon lipstick ,pink foundation ,Heavy earrings and High heeled sandal,as we were eager to  look like Aunties .However we both looked like jokers .We also tried mom's saree and Blouse ,and tried walking and sitting with those sarees .We were so eager to grow up and become like Woman's ,and now we want to go back those funny days .

5.Now ,cocoon finally turned into butterflies, We planned a Girls night out ,we watched porn movie and drank some breezer too.I was teen girls nigh out and we were  punished by our parents ,as they came to know about this stuff (as my friend did not know how to CTRL + ALT +DEL things from computer).

I always wanted to say her....

-that you have the greatest smile I have ever seen,yes you smile better than those circus queens.It makes me wonder how blessed you are .

-that you have got awesome shopping taste ,you buy those clothes ,nobody have ever thought to even try that .(Remember that ballon top,Washed jeans,Long Negro dress).Lovely fashion sense as always .

-I still don’t understand why do you use that Yoga baba Oil ,it smells the worst .

-I am sorry for the same crush moment,when we both had a crush on same guy.(Thank god ,he did not liked both of us )but he was too cute know ,like chocolate.
-Thank you for becoming my Birthday calendar ,and reminding me all the birthdays right before anybody’s birthday,But I still remember your birthday darling and would never forget it.
-I am sorry for making you wait everytime we decide to meet,and making those ugly excuses (I know you know me better than me )
-I thank-you to hear my all bull shit when I lost my purse and I was crying on phone narrating you same thing for an hour.

-You always ask me the toughest question to know better about myself ,however later it becomes dumb too.
-And I learn something new from you ,every time we hang out .
-I am grateful to you for not judging me when I made those awful decisions .
-You are one legitimately the smartest person I have met .
-Its awesome feeling to cry like a baby with you.
-Thankyou for sharing cool things in me and having so much faith in me,all the time
-I thank-you for lying to parents about my trip to Ali baug beach ,It was fun by the fun.
-You have helped me face my fears no matter how irrational it is
-You supported my dreams no matter how ridiculous it was
-I thank you for calling me back ,if give you miss call anytime ,you had save my lots of money ,Honey.When anything goes wrong in my life ,you are the first person I think to call or miscall.because you always knew what I need to hear to feel better .
-I am obliged to see your happiness whenever I succeeded in my life .
-I love you and keeping loving each and every moment of my life ,and your wish is always my command .
-I loved your tears when I was the one selected in Campus interview .
-Are you an alien or what ?Why do you keep on counting silly me and keep paying those Frankie bills for me .You could have asked that money from me.But you didn’t ?
-It was brave moment to see you hanging in the Trains and pushing me inside ,Thank god you did not slipped your hand .Other wise ,Hell would have been facing you alien.
-Some times I think ,are you guy or what ?You play those guy games very well!! You are so good at computers .
-I know I am your best friend ,but does not mean I am always right .and that also does not mean that I am always the beautiful one (why do you keep on exaggerating that you look best in that photograph).
-Why are you so healing all the time ?I love your forgiving nature and you are becoming magnet of my life .All my best memories involve you
-All I am trying to say you are great !!Now lets pretend I never posted all this and go back to your best friend J

Thanks to all my Best buddies –Sumaiya,Shafaq,Ummuul Khair,Zeba,Tarannum,Snehal and Ashish !!

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