Tuesday, 24 December 2013

They conned us -True cheats

Our Family always use to discuss,how people nowadays cheat and how they are no more humans anymore .Money,scams,cheaters and what not.People play with hearts,emotions,sentiments just for money.I am narrating a true story of Cheaters ,what else I call them.

Our whole family was very happy,after all it is Allah's command for Muslims to perform haj once in life.My mother in law's only dream was to go to haj.She is truly religious person and nowadays very ill,as she is suffering from MCTD(Mixed connective tissue disorder).My mother in law and father in law decided to perform haj this year.My father in law is fond of newspapers(as all old mans do),he is ready to read everything assuming  all is good and true .Their, he saw this news "AL-Imaan Tours and Travels' ,they are offering Haj packages at quite reasonable rates,one person costing 2lakh. The package includes all facilities.

At Home ,we all were too engrossed in our office and business's work ,time went by.So my mother in law and father in law decided to visit this place for enquiry.As there were no confirmation calls .This was 6 months before the haj date(We have particular month called as Zil haj).This tour and travel agents ,their attire was  kind and religious to convince the old couples .They asked them to deposit the amount as early as possible .It can be done in installments too .These tour guys gave them mere receipt for this amount .And asked them to wait and convinced them that the process takes time .

Time went by.
Whenever my mother in law called them ,they gave firm assurance with dates and religious duas.
When the last month came ,we got worried as there were no notification of visas or tickets .
My in laws were called to their Tour and Travels office ,where again they assured that the process's is going on.They gave their promotional bags to them.Saying ,it will be done .My in laws never thought that the sweet disguise would con us at the end moment.At last,They said our visas were rejected but nothing was shown in papers.Our Family thought it was unbelievable as this things never happened with anybody we know.Its a religious place where old couples want to go.Why would the visa get rejected ?On what grounds? why aren't they informed prior ?No questions were answered.But,It was noticed that many of them ,whose visas got rejected were the ones who had paid the amount earlier .And the now the package price is tripled the amount they paid !

It has been observed that they(Tours and travels) have been allotted a particular quota (limited seats allotted to each operator) and they can take only those numbers of people on Haj pilgrimage, but they do over booking and at the time of departure they do not send all the persons on Haj pilgrimage and keep the cash with them. It has been observed that they are taking more cash from other persons and sending them on Haj pilgrimage in place of those persons who had already deposited the cash in advance, thus earning unethical benefit in the name of Haj.

We just want to make people aware of this situations,where your feelings does not matter!And we are not trying to say that all of them are cheaters,but people do cheat in the name of religion as they know we are emotionally attached to our religion.But no religion teaches us to cheat or con people.So Beware of such situations and play safe by inquiring things !!

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