Friday, 24 January 2014

I chose Fashion to study in UK

In India,Most of us decide our career paths after HSC .And all we know from our parents or cousins or friends, and if lucky enough we find it what we really love to do. But what if there is a degree for whatever you like to do.Imagine you like shopping and there is a degree for Bachelors of Shopping or You like eating delicacies and tasting different kind of food and there is a degree for Tasting food.In UK this is not imagination ,you really have degree for all these there ,you just have to look out what you like and go study what you love and make lucrative career out of it .

I choose Fashion as my interest and during my graduation days all I knew was NIFD in India ,no I did not study fashion as it was not that popular those days ,I wish we had something like Creative arts or I wish we were aware of those studies .In UK,there is a university of creative arts and if your love is fashion you can opt for this university . UCA supports and develops your creative practice alongside critical analysis, engaging you in both practical and theoretical dialogue.UCA is renowned for producing high quality individuals who eventually work with fashion Textile industries.It will train you to be at par for the Global fashion market which is fast changing sector .You are taught by staff who are practitioners in their field with fantastic links to the creative industries.

Below are the various options for Fashion :-

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