Friday, 28 February 2014

Playing with my Hair !!

Do any of you play with your hair a lot? Do you realize you're doing it? Are you a 

About my Hairs ---I have long light brown color straight and wavy smooth hairs ,Till now i have colored it .Experimented my hairs with colors,irons,blow dryers ,Spa.Recently i got a beautiful Gravitational layered cut !

When i am really into some thoughts,I have this freaking habit.I run my fingers over my 
silky braids ,again and again.At times from root to tip.I don't think about it.And for 
some reason,this drives the people around me insane.My mother has threatened to tape my hands down.My sister used to say it made her anxious to see me doing it out of corner 
of her while watching Television.But there's nothing i can do about it -since i don't 
know i am doing it ,its hard to break this pattern you know ?

Check out my pics with my cousins ,we are playing with our hairs and faces !!Co-incidentally we all have long silky hairs

I keep on playing with my play right from my childhood.It does not matter whether my 
hairs are open or they are braided or its a pony tail.I keep playing with it.People 
notice my hairs even when i node .I guess some girls might think ,i am totally show off 
,when it comes to bounce my hairs.My hairs are happiest when i smile. Addons are i look 
pretty in photographs ,mostly due to my hairs.And when it is my bad hair day,its day i 
want to rush to my bathroom and have a shower.Washing my hairs are the best moment for me.I am so hair freak ,that i urge my husband to run his fingers in my head ,so that i 
get good sleep .

Lets get Hairy !! What do people say about your hairs ?Especially girls .

1.What your Hairs looking so straight ? How come ? did you straightened it ? Which 
2.Eeek your Hair looking so damaged and dry ,Don't you use conditioner ?
3.Your hairs look good  ,so silky and smooth .My hairs are so frizzy ,dry and bushy
4.How do you manage so long hairs ? 
5.I wish i had hairs like yours .
6.Which Shampoo do you use ? 

Now Lets see What does your Hair say about you !

Tomboy---They are either  total perfectionist or a fearless maverick.At times their hairstyle reflect identity crisis.People find them less approachable too.

Side Flicks---Blunt bangs give your hair a sense of toughness and bold attitude look.  They're not precious yet damsels.Plus, bangs create an instant style, even when you're pulling the rest of your hair back into a sporty ponytail.Gives a girl cute as well as Fluffy look.

Life of the party---A women can use  their hair as an attention-getter.Always the center of attention, party girls know how to have fun. With brightly hued strands that range from Lady Gaga platinum to Katy Perry blue, Types you know   "These girls love playing with colors and normalizing it. They have stretched their boundaries.The hairstyle itself can be cartoonish, glamorous or classic.

Bombshell----You should ask any Victoria's Secret supermodel— how lushy waves are the flirt's ultimate tool of seduction. "The bend in the hair accentuates the movement and shape of the body  "There's even an hourglass shape in the Veronica Lake and Jessica Rabbit hair. This style will accentuate your curves." To sculpt this voluptuous silhouette, he suggests using a curling iron or hot rollers, then brushing strands into shape with a spritz of hairspray onto the bristles of a good finishing brush.

Dreamer----When your head is in the clouds, a braid suits you best. "Braids are no-brainer styles that have a natural elegance and an organic feel, who likes both big flat braids and tiny cute side twists. He recommends using a dry shampoo and teasing sections to create a messier, romantic plait. For a sleeker look, apply gel and braid hair while it's still wet.They give you girl next door look too.

The Ingenue---long layering like Jennifer Aniston is a classic compromise for the more sedate woman who might want to hide behind her hair.Long layers give you extra beautiful look with those sexy eyes .  

The Rebel---The Great Freethinkers do not follow the rules. Especially when it comes to their hair. It's a shaggy bob look it is a cut into slightly '50s and short in the top and back.Bluntness makes it cute, but you don't want it so unkempt that you look maniacal.

So you know what personality you fit in .Now you tell me which type you are ? By the way I am the Ingenue type .However it does not matter now what style you need as Dove gives you your Hairs Best Friend ,so go spoil your hair ,Try colors,Try those perms or go party hard.Life is short go and experiment with your looks ,that is with your hairs.Dove will take care of your hair till then go play with your Hair!! #DovePlay

I will color .
I will perm .

I will jump up high .
And Run!

Wet myself in the rain.
now my hairs are not in pain.

They will smile .
for all while !

They will always say.
There comes Dove play!
There comes Dove play !

I am excited to give that look.
Curly hair and simple shook.

Smooth and Carefree Day 
There comes Dove play !

There comes Dove play !

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Go Recharge your Hairs !!

Hairs you love it ,i love it .You want to look good open your hairs,you want look girly curl your hairs.You want to look pretty braid your hairs.You want to look cute then straight your hair .Whether you are trekking up a mountain,riding a bike on hot climate or shopping on your streets,we indeed love to take care of our hairs.For me Hairs are the girls best friend when it comes to enhance your look.I love to play around with hairs almost everywhere ,i keep my clean comb and hair serum handy in my purse .I see to it that my hairs are rightly protected from sun and dust.I make sure to spa them every month.My friends call me Hair freak at times ,but that is what i am.Your hairs add to your beauty ,I keep on recommending my friend who has a Young daughter to take care of her hairs and do not keep on cutting them,do trim them.But do not boy cut the girly curls .Hairs give you a beautiful damsel look whenever you want.So the ultimatum is to take care of our hairs everywhere,Thanks to Sunsilk Natural Recharge,it gives your hair natural look.This new range will help your hair look two times thicker and stronger too,so here we are confident ,beautiful and worry free for our hairs.

Recharge your hair ,
And do not care !
Open your hair 
Almost everywhere !
Now you can dare 
With your silky mares
Have the natural look
Makes your head go shook
Go and dance in the hair 
Come on Recharge your hair 

Product claims to give you hair Nourishment with the natural recharge
Product Price-

Shampoo: 80 ml for INR 64 & 180 ml for INR 132
Conditioner: 80 ml fir INR 64 & 180 ml for INR 132

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Watches i love !!

The Trendiest thing which will keep you on time too ,is all on your wrist and go gaga over it .You can wear different watches ,according to your dresses. Watches gives you an extravagant and sophisticated look .It enhances the professionalism in you and help you to keep a check on your time .

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Keep the hope alive!!

Go on with life ,wherever it takes .Do take your own turns and decisions but do not regret for any. Try hard for what you want ? but do not ever stop living life. Keep that smile on your face and hope in your heart .As someday  everything will make perfect sense, all your sorrows ,all your smiles ,all your friends ,all your enemies .So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through your thorns and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. And Keep the hope alive!!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

To my valentine !!

When I was in my teens
I was very keen
To see you
To feel you

I waited for you all along
So that I will be yours
You will be mine
Oh my valentine

I looked at the moon
I looked at the stars
I felt your air almost everywhere

When a stranger passed through me
When a voice felt so close
I thought it must be you
I dig my nose

I smiled at myself
I groomed for you
So that you see me
And I see you

Some says cupid will strike
You will know that right
They are made in heaven
So that they meet on earth

Ever and ever ,I waited for you
Oh my valentine !!

Uski Condition serious Hai Bhai!!

It is so annoying to see people so serious in their life .I mean come on ,”you have no time to laugh “ no problem at least give a smile ,its free .Why are you so engrossed in others that you are stranger to yourself.You will find these serious people everywhere .Seriously everywhere .And I am such a joker that cannot stop laughing and doing silly things all the time ,but when I see those serious faces ,I really shut my mouth .As if living life is prohibited .Let’s start with my encounters with these Serious people .I tell you they are very hard to handle .And most of them are not so friendly!

1.They will bang their own heads to get their work done.My maid ,she is so damn hardworking that some times I wish she could have become software engineer and earned so much(Overtime) .She is so serious of her work that she don’t give it a damn to eat food or drink water  or watch television or take a break even for a second .To round up she is so much engrossed in her work that she even do not smile for a second .Even if I crack a really bad joke and everybody in the house is madly laughing !!She will give me a look like I have done a heinous crime and cannot be ever forgive ! She could be awarded Maid of the year! almost all the time ,she is perfect in her work and most perfect in her seriousness. But I would love to see her smile even not laugh .I would love to see her on some vacation(I know my mom going to kill me for this ) .

2. Angry man is my neighbor uncle .He is 50 something but looks like he is above 100.His hoarse voice with his angry look creates terrorism on our floor.Nobody can dare question him about anything.We call him Hitler kaka ,not on his face of-course .You wish him for diwali ,you wish him for holi or you give him sheerkorma on eid .He has the same angry expression on his face .Sometimes it feels like “problem kya hai bhai “.Why this constant still on your forehead ? .Plus I love the way he dress ,as if only formals allowed in his house .

3.One of my relative ,she is old cousin grandma .And I say she is so serious and real dadi kind.She wants everybody to follow whatever she says .Rule is rule for her .Do not open you hairs in the evening .Eat your dinner before 8.Wash your own plates .No pillow can move to other place from her sofa .I know these are good habits .But come on sometimes it is fine to do a pillow fight or late dinner or loud music or dance on dirty numbers .A Bad dream is a sign of evil .You cannot watch evil movies in her house .So in all ,you have to take care of your every move when you are at her place .Make sure you wash your legs before you sit on her couch otherwise she would give you big lecture on cleanliness.

4.Physics Sir ,the subject itself is so boring and a addition to it is my physics sir .A fair handsome face with those anil kapoor types mustaches ,he still look handsome in his 30’s .But I hated him all the time .Oh Man !! Keep aside those formulas and theorems and proofs .He can’t even afford to give me extra 2 marks for physics laboratory exams .What will he do with those 2 marks ? I begged for that 2 marks and he said ,” go and start making your project right from start “.I wished ,I could have said him that physics is not my dream career but just a syllabus for me .

5.I remember one day in mall, I saw beautiful foreigner baby she was so chubby and cute ,that I felt like hugging her tight and kiss her .But I am fortunate enough that I only pulled her cheeks and said “Hi “ To my surprise there came a tall lady with demonist eyes and angry look .This is what she said ‘ How dare you touch my daughter ‘ You bloody illiterate Indians ‘ You guys do not have any manners ‘ and all stuff.She was really serious ,I did not mind it but  she insulted my nationality ,so I could not shut up .I replied her back ,”Then why the hell are you in India ?” .

6.Our Bakery man,I don’t know to call him serious or funny or a perfect salesman .Whenever you ask him for some thing and if it is not available in his bakery ,he will very seriously say “Actually the stock got over just now “ “would you like to try some alternative ?”.If this situations happens daily he would reply the same daily .I have noticed him with the same reply to almost all customers .Once I asked for Parle-G biscuits .This is what he said “ Oh,the stock got over just now “ instead you can try Tiger ,Bourbon,Monaco .Even if you say no ,strangely he will start marketing other products .Things like ,”you will love this with Tea , or dip it in milk .Sometimes he is too annoying and makes you feel like Iski condition toh serious hain bhai .

Uski Condition toh serious hain bhai
Usko lagi har cheese ki ghai
Who dekhe aise
Jaise koi jin
Kuch nahi ho sakta uska
Lagta hain maine kiya hain koi sin
Woh naa haasta na rota
Jaane kya hua hai
Uski condition toh serious hain bhai
Dekho use toh ghume hain mera sir
Dil aur dimaag bole tu fir
Bhaaago kahaan se use door
Jeevan mein uske kitna fitoor
Sher ki taraah ghuraye
Mujhe toh who koi cheetah nazar aaye
Insaano ki bastiyo mein yeh kaun gaye

Uski toh condition serious hain bhai

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