Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Go Recharge your Hairs !!

Hairs you love it ,i love it .You want to look good open your hairs,you want look girly curl your hairs.You want to look pretty braid your hairs.You want to look cute then straight your hair .Whether you are trekking up a mountain,riding a bike on hot climate or shopping on your streets,we indeed love to take care of our hairs.For me Hairs are the girls best friend when it comes to enhance your look.I love to play around with hairs almost everywhere ,i keep my clean comb and hair serum handy in my purse .I see to it that my hairs are rightly protected from sun and dust.I make sure to spa them every month.My friends call me Hair freak at times ,but that is what i am.Your hairs add to your beauty ,I keep on recommending my friend who has a Young daughter to take care of her hairs and do not keep on cutting them,do trim them.But do not boy cut the girly curls .Hairs give you a beautiful damsel look whenever you want.So the ultimatum is to take care of our hairs everywhere,Thanks to Sunsilk Natural Recharge,it gives your hair natural look.This new range will help your hair look two times thicker and stronger too,so here we are confident ,beautiful and worry free for our hairs.

Recharge your hair ,
And do not care !
Open your hair 
Almost everywhere !
Now you can dare 
With your silky mares
Have the natural look
Makes your head go shook
Go and dance in the hair 
Come on Recharge your hair 

Product claims to give you hair Nourishment with the natural recharge
Product Price-

Shampoo: 80 ml for INR 64 & 180 ml for INR 132
Conditioner: 80 ml fir INR 64 & 180 ml for INR 132

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents Sunsilk Recharge your Hair 

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  1. Tried Garnier many times. Will look into this product this time after reading your review here :)