Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Uski Condition serious Hai Bhai!!

It is so annoying to see people so serious in their life .I mean come on ,”you have no time to laugh “ no problem at least give a smile ,its free .Why are you so engrossed in others that you are stranger to yourself.You will find these serious people everywhere .Seriously everywhere .And I am such a joker that cannot stop laughing and doing silly things all the time ,but when I see those serious faces ,I really shut my mouth .As if living life is prohibited .Let’s start with my encounters with these Serious people .I tell you they are very hard to handle .And most of them are not so friendly!

1.They will bang their own heads to get their work done.My maid ,she is so damn hardworking that some times I wish she could have become software engineer and earned so much(Overtime) .She is so serious of her work that she don’t give it a damn to eat food or drink water  or watch television or take a break even for a second .To round up she is so much engrossed in her work that she even do not smile for a second .Even if I crack a really bad joke and everybody in the house is madly laughing !!She will give me a look like I have done a heinous crime and cannot be ever forgive ! She could be awarded Maid of the year! almost all the time ,she is perfect in her work and most perfect in her seriousness. But I would love to see her smile even not laugh .I would love to see her on some vacation(I know my mom going to kill me for this ) .

2. Angry man is my neighbor uncle .He is 50 something but looks like he is above 100.His hoarse voice with his angry look creates terrorism on our floor.Nobody can dare question him about anything.We call him Hitler kaka ,not on his face of-course .You wish him for diwali ,you wish him for holi or you give him sheerkorma on eid .He has the same angry expression on his face .Sometimes it feels like “problem kya hai bhai “.Why this constant still on your forehead ? .Plus I love the way he dress ,as if only formals allowed in his house .

3.One of my relative ,she is old cousin grandma .And I say she is so serious and real dadi kind.She wants everybody to follow whatever she says .Rule is rule for her .Do not open you hairs in the evening .Eat your dinner before 8.Wash your own plates .No pillow can move to other place from her sofa .I know these are good habits .But come on sometimes it is fine to do a pillow fight or late dinner or loud music or dance on dirty numbers .A Bad dream is a sign of evil .You cannot watch evil movies in her house .So in all ,you have to take care of your every move when you are at her place .Make sure you wash your legs before you sit on her couch otherwise she would give you big lecture on cleanliness.

4.Physics Sir ,the subject itself is so boring and a addition to it is my physics sir .A fair handsome face with those anil kapoor types mustaches ,he still look handsome in his 30’s .But I hated him all the time .Oh Man !! Keep aside those formulas and theorems and proofs .He can’t even afford to give me extra 2 marks for physics laboratory exams .What will he do with those 2 marks ? I begged for that 2 marks and he said ,” go and start making your project right from start “.I wished ,I could have said him that physics is not my dream career but just a syllabus for me .

5.I remember one day in mall, I saw beautiful foreigner baby she was so chubby and cute ,that I felt like hugging her tight and kiss her .But I am fortunate enough that I only pulled her cheeks and said “Hi “ To my surprise there came a tall lady with demonist eyes and angry look .This is what she said ‘ How dare you touch my daughter ‘ You bloody illiterate Indians ‘ You guys do not have any manners ‘ and all stuff.She was really serious ,I did not mind it but  she insulted my nationality ,so I could not shut up .I replied her back ,”Then why the hell are you in India ?” .

6.Our Bakery man,I don’t know to call him serious or funny or a perfect salesman .Whenever you ask him for some thing and if it is not available in his bakery ,he will very seriously say “Actually the stock got over just now “ “would you like to try some alternative ?”.If this situations happens daily he would reply the same daily .I have noticed him with the same reply to almost all customers .Once I asked for Parle-G biscuits .This is what he said “ Oh,the stock got over just now “ instead you can try Tiger ,Bourbon,Monaco .Even if you say no ,strangely he will start marketing other products .Things like ,”you will love this with Tea , or dip it in milk .Sometimes he is too annoying and makes you feel like Iski condition toh serious hain bhai .

Uski Condition toh serious hain bhai
Usko lagi har cheese ki ghai
Who dekhe aise
Jaise koi jin
Kuch nahi ho sakta uska
Lagta hain maine kiya hain koi sin
Woh naa haasta na rota
Jaane kya hua hai
Uski condition toh serious hain bhai
Dekho use toh ghume hain mera sir
Dil aur dimaag bole tu fir
Bhaaago kahaan se use door
Jeevan mein uske kitna fitoor
Sher ki taraah ghuraye
Mujhe toh who koi cheetah nazar aaye
Insaano ki bastiyo mein yeh kaun gaye

Uski toh condition serious hain bhai

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents  Cadbury 5-Star "Condition Serious Hai "


  1. hhehehe hahah! all the very best! this one seems like a winning entry! I saw a fwd mailer posted like an authentic post (for this contest) on someone's blog!

    Loved ur concept and the poem!

  2. Bhai! In sabki condition serious hai. Sabko meri taraf se ek cadbury 5 star khila do ;)
    Be serious, NOT! but also at the same times laugh and make others laugh :D

  3. @Ankita .....Thankyou girl....I dont know about winning,but its truly serious !!

  4. @The Solitary writer ...haanji in sabko zarurat hain ek cadbury 5 star ki