Friday, 28 March 2014

My Pink bag with Furs

My Beautiful Date !

I was waiting for her, it was a beautiful weather ,i felt like wind rusting the leaves of the trees.
Sitting at the serene open restaurant ,I saw waves crashing on the beach .It was lovely to see kids playing happily.
My heartbeats started running fast. I felt cupid around me. This is my first date and i don’t want anything to go wrong.
I rechecked everything .I know I came here too early. My mind was playing romantic music inside my brains ,and can see
the herd of white horses running in the distance. She came right on time .In red gown with diamond necklace around her
collar neck, she looked stunning and sublime with that hairstyle .She was the girl of my dreams .Sexy and symmetrical like a lady love handle .She was just perfect girl of dreams.
I never thought I would get to date her ever .And I got lucky.She smiled like a dazzling delight. When I looked into her eyes, I saw more beauty and brilliance then all the stars in the universe combined.
It was time to dance on the music I decided .Everything was going perfect as I planned

I was holding her and signaled for the music to start. I felt like I would never leave her. We came close to each other, Holding her into my arms was like holding my world into my arms .
We started dancing and came to close !Stars were shining on us

Being very close to her ,I said " What’s that smell boss ?"

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Shaam jaise dhaale

Shaam jaise dhaale 
Dil yeh mera kaise behle 

Kabhi kabhi sab kuch samaj jaati
Kabhi kuch nah samaj aata

Jee mera machalta hain kyun
Yeh najane behekta hain kyun

Khamoshiyon mein yeh kaisi awaaz hain
Jaa rahi hoon jaha le chale mujhe yeh rasta 

Woh asmaan
Woh paate
Woh hawa 
Woh paani
Sab kuch mujhe kuch bolte 

Main toh mast maula ho chali
Naa jaane kiski gaali

Meri parchayi mujhe bultati hain
Woh bachpan ke gaane gaati hain 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Travel to Turkey

Hagia Sophia

My Dream Travel destination in 2014 is Turkey.Ask me why, my cousin got hitched in Turkey and got lucky to bless her eyes all her life.Have you seen Flint stones cartoon ?Have you ever wondered that you could actually live in caves ? Or feel the flint stone period in this century .Go Turkey for that ,that is her words all the time.She sent me the travel photographs and videos .Lookign at those pictures ,i fell in love with Turkey . When you see it you will love the amazing formation of rock stones and the dream castles who msut have seen in Alladin .The landscapes will make you realize that Allah is the best creator .Its spectacular landscapes ,huge grasslands and meadows .I felt like i am in the different world .And its beautiful one  and i really want to see that with my naked eyes.

Till now ,She went to Selcuk,Cappadocia,Gaziantep,Nemrut Dagi, Sanliurfa. I saw many sides of Turkey.

You will see lots of beautiful mosques in Turkey and the palaces ,you will see Greek and roman cities.You also get to see old Islamic towns .Check out the pictures and love it all yourself !!!

Blue Mosque

Interiors of Sulemaini Mosque

Urfa Mosque

How about looking at the Cave Restaurent ?

The Cave Restaurant

Turkish delights at the locals
 These landscapes reminds me of Hollywood Movie "Safe Haven"

Uchisar Town

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