Friday, 28 March 2014

My Beautiful Date !

I was waiting for her, it was a beautiful weather ,i felt like wind rusting the leaves of the trees.
Sitting at the serene open restaurant ,I saw waves crashing on the beach .It was lovely to see kids playing happily.
My heartbeats started running fast. I felt cupid around me. This is my first date and i don’t want anything to go wrong.
I rechecked everything .I know I came here too early. My mind was playing romantic music inside my brains ,and can see
the herd of white horses running in the distance. She came right on time .In red gown with diamond necklace around her
collar neck, she looked stunning and sublime with that hairstyle .She was the girl of my dreams .Sexy and symmetrical like a lady love handle .She was just perfect girl of dreams.
I never thought I would get to date her ever .And I got lucky.She smiled like a dazzling delight. When I looked into her eyes, I saw more beauty and brilliance then all the stars in the universe combined.
It was time to dance on the music I decided .Everything was going perfect as I planned

I was holding her and signaled for the music to start. I felt like I would never leave her. We came close to each other, Holding her into my arms was like holding my world into my arms .
We started dancing and came to close !Stars were shining on us

Being very close to her ,I said " What’s that smell boss ?"

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