Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I am a beggar!!

Now i beg ,I beg and smile .
I have become so fragile .
You give money to those Mommy beggars .
You will never know they are cheaters.

I beg for money !
I beg for food!
But in turn will give you blessings.
All what i have .

Now i request you to help people in real vain.
In real vain and real pain.
Do not give pennies to beggars who are healthy.
as they are making themselves wealthy.

Some beggars are blind!
Some beggars are lame !
Some beggars are dirty!
Some beggars are dame! 

Some beggars are bound to beg .
Some beggars are made to beg .
You are inspiring those Child beggars .
Do not give them a penny .
Do not help them .

Instead help those Kids who work hard to earn.
You can buy from them and help them through.
They do not beg ,but they work hard .
I am a beggar ,I see whole world .

 You are running for the trains .
You are running for the buses .
Working all day ,all night .
To earn those traces .

Sometimes a rich person in a car ,gives me a penny.
While a Middle class person give me note .
All is the generosity of ones being .
But your hard money should not go in vain.

Helping is not bad .
But help the right person I said !
You will see me old .
You will see me smiling .

You will see me on the railway platforms .
Or you will me find under the tree.
You can even give me a smile .
As Smile is a charity !!

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  1. i wrote in my post ... I am (NOT) a beggar ..