Monday, 30 June 2014

Connect your Car Friends with CarConnect

Car connect is the great way of connecting your Car friends and other car owners together.Car connects helps you share your Car experience whether it is long drive or any drive,you can share the feel on car connect ,and its fun way to know the technical details about various cars .If you want to walk through the Website CAR CONNECT .
Check out the below details too.

1.My Profile 

Your Profile details ask you about your dream car ,it is most likely that we all have our dream cars in our mind and your profile details will flash your mind click .This page also asks you about your dream route ,i hope you remember the road trips you enjoyed with your family and friends and thus had a dream route to some crazy or adventurous routes .

2.My Friends 

Now here all your FB friends and CAR Connect friends can connect together and share their CAR pics ,CAR features ,Details etc through FB and connect your cars together.

3.Share Experience 

Here you share your heroic experience of how you find a escape throuh your car or how did fall in love with your car when it joined hands with you.Just kidding ,Any car experience can be shared here with details you want .

4.Leader board

This is the fun part ,where you can collect your badges according to your contributions and likes ,votes stuff like that.By the way i got my Bronze medal .There are various other medals like Platinum,Diamond,Gold,Silver and Bronze .Also you can check who got what badges .

Level 1 - Bronze (Signing Up)  
Level 2 - Silver (5 experiences)
Level 3 - Gold (10 experiences)  
Level 4 - Diamond (15 experiences)  
Level 5 - Platinum (20 experiences) 

5.Compare Cars 

This is my favorite tab,Compare your car with your some other car and check which is better ,Also you can send a mail of this comparison to yourself .I tried comparing santro with Swift ,Then Eco sport with Swift ZDI and played with many comparisons 

6.Car news

I know the Car people will always look for Car news everywhere,so whether it is new cars entering into indian markets or new lauches of cars,or Car plants .You can get all this stuff here on car news 

7.New launches 

Do you know Nissan Sunny Facelift is going to be launched in India on July 3?
2014 Ford Fiesta launced at Rs 7.69L?
Honda Mobilio enters the Indian Market ?
You guessed it right ,i got all these news from this New launches tab on CAR CONNECT

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents CarConnect 

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