Thursday, 5 June 2014

Free will!!

I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.But that does not stop me to say anything .We are humans ,the only living beings with born or gifted with our free will.I looked at the stray dog,he was so free, free to sit anywhere ,free to sleep anywhere ,at times he is hungry at times he is full,he is not bothered of taxes nor he is bothered of jobs.Dogs can even have sex anywhere ,they does not even mind if anybody is looking at them .They do not even care to have 6 kids ,they don’t need family planning .But they do cry or be happy in whatever conditions they are .I wonder they are so much free than us.They are not bothered of taste ,nor smell neither beauty or crime .They are also murdered ,they also met car accidents.It makes me wondered do they have that feelings of missing their loved ones .Or they do not care who are their parents ? .Are they so happy alone without friends ? Are some dogs bad and some good ones ? Why do they have area kind life ?Are they bordered for areas ?.What is free will ? if it is a blessing,then why we humans so inhumane ?Why we are so busy that we do not care ?Why we do not help the needy ? Why we dominate and act as a bad leader ?Why cant we help people who met with accidents ?Why cant we make charity ?Why do we rape innocent girls ?Why do we murder humans ? We do we fight in the name of religion ? Why Satan is making his way out ? Why he is taking our free will ? 

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