Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Time to Transform -ASUS

Today is the tech world,we see tabs,smart phones,laptops,notebooks and netbooks everywhere,in almost every hand.
We are engrossed in social networking ,gathering,tweeting,messaging,doing business,vreating excel,maintaining documents,
playing games,clicking pcitures,editing videos,buffering videos,downlaoding music,cerating music,online trainings,reading books,
watching movies,sharing news.We have the technology transformation everywhere ,in banks,software companies,chemist,hospitals,hotels
Now its time to work easy and play hards #TimetoTransform

We Search We Google
We look we doodle

We email
We chat

We play games
We go lame 

We apply for jobs 
We work on them

We message our friends
We do google hangout

We click
We snap 

Our fingers do not pain
Our eyes do not gain

But all we had norm
Time to transform

Presenting to you ,the king of netbook space ,Yeah you rightly thought "ASUS" Transformer Book T100
2-in-1 ultraportable laptop with detachable sheet
You will find it cheap nad small.T100 is the first device with one of the Intels new bay Trail
series Arom chips (that is what i found it in google).

What i would do with this ASUS Transformer Book T100 2-in-1 ultraportable laptop with detachable sheet :-

1.I would carry it in my bag (its light weight you see)
2.I can work from home in cafes (it is high performance laptop )
3.I use my money wothout burning my pockets (It is incredible value for money)
4.I would use OneNotefor maximum productivity woth Php4000
5.I can go gaming (it is powerful gaming notebook)
6.I can watch movies with theatre woofer expereicne (It has Quad-Speaker Array and Subwoofer)

Features i loved :-

1.Two in one Ultraportable notebook with 10inch detachable tablet 
2.Battery 11 hours
3.Comfortable smooth keyboard
4.Multitasking will go easy with Atom
5.Mobility to work
6.Unlimited web storage for 1 year
7.Dedicated reading mode 
8.Built in speakers 

Thankyou ASUS for such techie gift to our fingers !!

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents "ASUS Transformer Book

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