Thursday, 31 July 2014

Solve the Black Mystery ? Day 2

However as we all know:
"Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence

So, its Second day of the What the Black activity. A Black egg shaped was the first hint. Google says that the Legend holds eating just one of these black eggs can add seven years to one's life. Is the product something related to lifelong use? Black eggs are a kind of known ninja close range weapon. It is also a name for variety of implements and techniques used by ninja.So something related to techiniques?

I am trying to think like Sherlock homes!

Think like Sherlock

1. Trying to examine everything with healthy skepticism: - What could be the hint pointing to ?I am trying to filter my thoughts .Is it the color ? Or the sentence

2. Observe all first impressions closely: - Black box in a black egg

3. Be inclusive:-Black color egg which is chocolate .Should I smell it

4. Step Back:-Trying to think my own perspective, the wider picture we can see

5. Continue getting hints and ideas: - Through twitter and facebook, trying to get hints from friends and relatives, although they are giving funny comments.

6. Educating myself: - Knowledge about the hints could be useful .Thank you Wikipedia and Google.

So what could be the next clue ,or are they trying to distract us?Is the color of the product black ?or does they mean that the product is hidden from the world ?

#Whatheblack is trying hard to distract us, So the second clue unveiled is Black newspaper !I am really scratching my brains with the black blank newspaper .What it could be ?Black Egg and Black newspaper. Are they pointing us to early morning? As we have eggs in the morning and read newspaper.

Black Newspaper with no news

1. Newspaper reading is a personal interest.
2. It gives us information
3. It helps giving us world news
4. It educates us about sports, entertainment, business
5. We read newspaper mostly in morning

Black Newspaper gives me following hint

1. It could be related to giving information
2. It could be gadget
3. It could be a book
4. It could be a magazine

Now lets try combining the Black egg with the black blank newspaper
A Black egg with a chocolate inside and a black newspaper which is blank.I am turning red with this black clues going over my head.

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Solve the Black mystery?Day 1

First of all, A Big thank you to Blogadda for giving me this opportunity to participate in this Black Mystery solving contest, I must say “It is the most innovative way of launching a product promotion”.

For my readers, it’s because of your support I am shortlisted by Blogadda in their #WhatTheBlack activity to guess what black product they are talking about.

I have already submitted my wish list of all things black.Now, I am going to receive black things everyday for four consecutive day’s right from 30th July and the last day I receive would be actual product.

I had always loved to play treasure hunt during parties; it is an awesome way to find the treasure using the clues. Now it is time for action.If you love mystery as I do? We would try to solve this together? Don’t be afraid to point me in the right direction. 
Isn't it fun?

Let’s check what I receive on the first day

A black egg
What does a black egg points to ?they also gave note which says "the question is no longer 'did the chicken come first or the egg?"

What comes to my mind is

1.It must be something related  to  new technology which is hidden from the world
2.It could be a mobile with a enhanced  operating system
3.My friend suggested a hair dye which was funny indeed
4.My husband is guessing a black out game player

Keep guessing!!!!

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Are we humans says Gaza war ?

They say the world is progressing
But i see there is no progress

They say Darwin age is gone
I say people are now becoming Darwin

They say there is technology to heal
I say then why numbers of death increasing

They say Missiles will protect you
But why they are killing innocents

They say Internet had made world smaller
I say we can’t save any body's life through Internet

Israel is proud of killing children’s
They are proud of bombing them

They clap when the rocket is launched on the civilians
While other nations are still trying

Welcome to the tech savvy world
Where you can bring the world together

But cannot save the life of thousands
Nor provide proper medication

Look at the Shifa hospital
Good doctors are working hard

But how will they treat them
Without proper equipments
Their heart melts to see them die

Children's,Women's and those Old ages
This is their fault they were born in Gaza

Every hour one child is dead
What their parents would shed

They have no water and less food to eat
They have no arms to fight

It’s like Eleven lions pouncing on rabbits
It’s like devils on earth

They say we are modernised
We are in the world war crime

Where humanity is demolished
Humans killing humans for their wish

Numbers of death is increasing as seconds
But nobody can stop them for an hour

Are they so powerful humans?
Or should we call them coward

I wish our prayers come true
They are free and happy one day

One day Gaza will have no war
Their children’s can play safe games on the sea shores

They can go to school happily
They can be provided all human rights

Their families are safe as us

Their heart would be relieved forever

My conscience was silent!

I was deep in guilt 
My conscience was silent

I was trying to shake my inner house
But i found there was no voice

I was going crazy and mad
What words i said

Am i following satan?
Or it happens sometime

Was i deeply engrossed about wrong people 
That is why i hurt the loved ones

I am trying to find the answer
But could not any

As there are questions many
I don't know how and why

My body was uttering in cry
I cannot take back my words 

Nor the actions i mistook
I have no power on my past

But i regret what went so fast
The action i took was wrong

Now i cannot ponder on that 
But i wouldn't surely repeat 

I was deep in guilt
And my conscience was silent within!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fragrance of Nature!!

Fragrance of Nature
When the waves of the sea
Touched my feet
I felt that someone is giving me a greet

When my feet felt the wet sand in the shores
I was not on earth anymore
I smell the nature of solace
The fragrance made the world a better place

The breeze was touching my face
As if it telling me to gaze
I was gazing at the sky, Opening my arms and jumping up high
It was the feeling of the freedom
No thoughts came to my mind,I was seldom

I saw the fishes following the waves
The sound of waves and the silent resonance
There was nobody around just me and the sea
I saw the birds flying up high
It does not matter they laugh or they cry

They are flying anywhere they want
Beautiful colors they do not flaunt
They can sit on rocks ,they can sit on tree
Oh yes the birds are so free

Sitting on the sand ,I thought nature is so beautiful
And what have we bought
When the Spring sets in ,it makes the earth looks colorful
The falling leaves and flowers bloom

Beautiful butterflies running here and there
And Now the Cuckoo is mad with joy
The Humming of bees and Enchanting notes
I wish to walk around the corn fields and feel the spring

Please my eyes with delightful green
Yellow flower of mustard flutter in breeze
Spring decorate the earth with the green garment
It looks like paradise on earth

The Fragrance of spring is we forgot our cares and sorrows
We bless our eyes and ears
For pleasant sights and melodious notes
The miracle of nature happens everytime

It changes the color in the blink of time
I forgot what is yours and what is mine
That is the fragrance of nature I say
It keeps us happy and gay

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Zest in Simple things!!

We deserve all good things that happen to us. Living life with simple things can bring zest in your life. Life is all about what you think and what you make it. All in your hands. I keep wondering some people have so much in their life but they keep on complaining about everything. No wonder, it’s so human to ask for more than what we have. I am amused at what the world’s richest person dreams are? If they have everything.

Zest with my Family

I find my zest spending time with my family. Having family dinner and family laugh out together .I find zest in teasing my younger brother. I find zest in making my grandfather laugh. I find zest in giving surprise gift to my mother. Surprise gift sometimes can be a small kiss on her cheeks. I find zest in playing with my 1yr old nephew.

Zest with my Hubby

I find my zest with my husband. A long drive and music. Sharing a meal with him. Trying out different food with him. Looking at girls and teasing him. I find zest making faces at him. I find zest sitting idle with him and staring at the sunset .I find zest listening to his car love. I find zest when he appreciates my food. I find zest being happy as he is happy.

Zest with my Friends

I find my zest with friends’ .Having a holiday with them. Partying for every other occasion. I find zest talking to my best friend and complaining about anything I want to. I even find zest in listening to my friend nonstop nonsense. I find zest listening to my friend’s girl friend’s list. I find zest in sharing Frankie with my friends’ .I find zest in catching those crowded trains with them.

Zest with Strangers

I find with strangers. I think there is a zest in everybody you see. I find zest in secretly reading messages of a girl standing next to me in the train. I find zest looking at that beautiful girl in hot pants. I find zest staring at that handsome guy. I find zest helping that old aunty for a seat. I find zest sharing chocolates with street childrens.I find zest in giving biscuits to street dogs.

Zest with Me

I find my zest with myself .I find zest in everything I do. I look at the sky and appreciate the creator. I talk to creator and say thankyou.Sometimes I cry, Sometime I play. I find zest in shopping alone if there is no one. I find zest in simple vadapav.I find zest in dressing and dolling up myself. I find zest in experimenting with food.

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Black Desires goes on!!

Those black desires never go on fire, the list of black things goes on increasing every time when there is new black born. Whether that black is a gadget or a machine or a simple Black clothing .Even black accessory gives you a cool tag. Girls also find black nail polish as a fashion statement. Thus Black is shining out and spreading the black everywhere.No, its not the demonic color any more .Its Stylish and its black.

My Black Wish list

1. Black watch

A Black wrist watch from DKNY would give elegant touch to my wrist. The feeling of black band on my hands would be like a wish come true .I wear this watch with my formals as well as I can wear it during parties. A watch that is of the moment yet will never go out of the style.

2. Black iPad Air

This is the must have wish list currently on my mind. I am in thirst of iPad so that I can blog anywhere anytime.iPad Air is thin and light ,so it is handy for me.iPad Air have great battery life too so I can work on it nonstop.

3. Black Aviators

Oh so glam black is the Black Aviators from Rayban.I would love to play chulbul pandey all my life ,wearing these ultra glam Black aviators. It gives us vintage and royal look.

4. Black Jacket

My Wardrobe is incomplete without the black jacket. Black jackets are just so overwhelming, that I am completely in love with it. Black jackets are just so versatile that it can be worn with tees, tops, dresses and just anything. You will still end up looking glamorous.

5. Black Handbag

Black Handbags are considered to be most versatile handbag color. Whether you wear a print or any other popping color .I think it is gain a must have wish for me.A Fashionable black handbag would be a great way to spruce my outfit and make a fashionable statement.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Last year, I attended a wedding in Jaipur. A friend of mine gave me a puzzled looked when she saw me in black anarkali dress and a black stilettos pairing with perfect black clutch. She was gawped in puzzlement and said ,” Is it a Black cult ?”  #WhatTheBlack

She had point. There is something flanking on the cult of fashion’s devotion to the colour Black, it’s like White for serene and Red for Love, But Black for all. It doesn’t mean pink or red or blue does not get friendly with me, but the black is still in very much of me and my wardrobe.

What is it about, this is kind of infatuation with black? It’s a question I am often asked, as I wear black most of the times. My friends and colleagues asked me to try other bright colours and I end up putting on more of different blacks.
I do wear other colours, but black is what I feel most comfortable .If I enter a clothes shop; I am drawn towards the clouds of black. Imagine a simple black Tshirt or a Black dress .I am so inclined towards black that I love black watches too. #WhatTheBlack

At times, I sit and ponder about my black statement and how does the colour evolved? What is the significance of black in our society?
It is the absence or complete absorption of light. I wonder whether the beautiful black is colour or absence of colour. That remains the mystery of life. In Roman period, black was considered as evil,sad,magic,violence and power,they associated the black with mourning of death. They feared the night which was opposite of day and was black, all black. #WhatTheBlack

However Black was one of the first colours which were used to draw paintings and arts, they used charcoal to draw paintings on the wall.

In 14th Century, Status of black started changing, Black high quality dyes began arriving in markets to mark the status of magistrates and government officials as the sign of the importance of their positions. Now Black colour depicts the power of dignity, humility and temperance.

In 18th Century ,Black became the fashion colour .Paris became the house of fashion,where pastels,blues, greens and whites became the colour of nobility and upper classes,Black became the dominant colour of all.Hence Black became the colour of melancholy.Now the poets,the lawyers,government official were adorning black as their colours.Black dominated Literature and Fashion in 19th Century. #WhatTheBlack

In 20th Century, Russian painter created the first abstract painting and He wrote, "The painted work is no longer simply the imitation of reality, but is this very reality ... It is not a demonstration of ability, but the materialisation of an idea.

In 21st Century, Black is on top of the fashion world .Woman’s fashion world was revolutionised by the fashion designer Coco channel who said "A woman needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm, a man she loves.
No colour performs so many duties, in so many fields .In clothing it can be smart, casual, uniform. When it comes to black cars, especially luxury. Black cars have ecstasy of their giving the stylish shine to the machine.

The first thing to know about black is that, Black is an absence, not a presence. I guess that is the reason black is so versatile and have so many meanings attached to it, whether it is cultural or others.

This versatile nature of black is universally believed to be flattering, and thus anyone who is worried about their figure regards black as a good friend. It is like a light colour will make your room seem bigger, same goes with black it would make your room go smaller. As some fashion designer referred that why black is so much in fashion? She explained that “it gives you an outline “.
I remember during my paint classes, a black border would give a enhanced and textured look to my painting, so that is the magic of black. #WhatTheBlack
There are certainly a lot of practical reasons for choosing black. I think its easy. Black doesn’t date out.It does not show dirt. It goes with most colour's, so it works as a good base to other things .Imagine a girl in black dress with any other colour handbag. Black works well with other blacks too. Life is simplified with black. You can pair the blacks with anything else, so black helps you mix and match too.Economically, black can look smart even it is cheap.

Betty Jackson,a designer said “It’s a colour that has become associated with glamour than gloom”. A Black watches can me simple and practical for work and always a chic for a party. A plus point here is black works its best on all skin colours and shapes. So you have to choose the right dress or the right bag or the right hairs, but not the right black. As Black would be always right.
Black has enormous symbolic power. Have you heard of the Indian Hinduism culture where you can’t wear black in happy functions? It is considered as bad or rather unlucky. This is also like bad guy in movies wear black kind of look and the good guy wears the white shades. As Black represents darkness, it’s like light is the life force and darkness is about death, a final closing of your eyes and a return to the earth. It is the equation of the good and bad, night and day, light and dark, with God and devil. And may be thus black is more on satanic side I guess. And thus the rituals associated with it.

For my Final words of blackaholism, I own many blacks #WhatTheBlack

1. Stylish Black Anarkali Suit

I would love to have this black anarkali suit with golden borders, I can team up my this black anarkali with black stilettos or silver sandals or golden flats .Jewelleries which can work with this black suit is either simple silver earrings or copper earrings or plain gold chain. I can carry any colour trendy clutch which can be carried for a function. I can create different looks with this black Anarkali suit. So I have one Black Anarkali Suit and have a style statement.

2. Black Kohl

I cannot leave my home without this Black kohl in my bag. It gives me complete look outlining my eyes .I play around with kohl by thinning the eye borders or darkening the eye borders or giving a cat eye look. Black Kohl goes with ethnic as well as western wear. Black mascara with kohl completes the look.So Kohl set which have tonnes of kohls.

3. Black Hairs

For a perfect style statement straight black hairs is the must. Open your hairs it will give you a look. Try different styles or go for a high pony tail. So I would be carrying my black on my head.

4. Black Bed

Yes, you are right. I would love to have big black color bed. It would go perfect  with our light interior wall shades .It does not dirt out .I can pair my black bed with floral bed sheets. Actually, my eyes popped up looking at this black bed everytime.

5. Black Car

This is my husband’s choice .He is obsessed with black cars .So Its like a dream Car for us .Black shiny Car which symbolizes as a luxury element and a style statement.

Here’s one final black thought.


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Friday, 18 July 2014

Zen Super Powers you wish for!!

Super powers are like fairy tales. We all have heard about super powers and we all must have wish for super powers.  A Fairy who would grant our wishes. Spinach which would make us powerful.  A Watch which give us a power to be invisible.  A Mat which would take us anywhere we want. Spiderman had super powers to help the world.Alladin had genie to grant his wishes. Many comic fictions have drawn that into our minds.We are quite fascinated by the idea of these superpowers,however they are stuff of myth and legends.Are we ever going to have super powers in our watches or our Umbrellas ?

Most of us are hoping that through some kind of nuclear reaction we would land up having super power.

ASUS Zen phone is asking us to visualize what if smart phones have some super power .What super power would we give to our smart phones? Well, there are many powers I would need .What your take on that?


Like Mr India, Invisibility would help me help others and I could vanish in the blink of eye using my smart phone button, I hope the battery does not go when I am invisible. I could go anywhere anytime without anybody knowing where I am.While you are invisible you are untargetable by your enemies.Its like invisibility can help expose the corruptions and the mischeifmonkers.

Super Strength-S

Super strength is needed to fight with evil people. My One punch would led to someone go somersault.No,I would not misuse my powers. I would use it to save girls as there is so much crime towards the female gender in the world.I would save the farmers from getting exploited .I would save Gaza, where innocent people and children’s are getting killed.So Touch the S power of your keypad of Zen Smart Phone.


The greatest power is power of healing. One click on my button, I am healed of cuts and bruises. The greatest asset of any living being is health. I wish my one click could heal several diseases. I wish people who want to live their life could be saved. Various diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, AIDS, Cancer and many other ill conditions you have never heard of, could be healed on one click. This power would definitely help others who need emergency.In India,Thousands of people die in accidents,Ambulance does not reach in time due to traffic,No proper medications for poor people.With this power,i would heal people who are in need of medical aid.
So H the people,heal the people.

Super Human-SH

I have to be super human should possess endurance which would help me during various activities like running on clouds, jumping on mountains ,climbing the trees quickly like a monkey, jumping on one building to another, trekking on towers.Go Super human go.


Birds have the super power gift of flying .They fly from one branch to another branch. From one country to another .What if I have super power to fly? I would fly and see the whole world .And if I could see the other planets too, if my smart phone works out of gravity too.

Water breathing-W

Marine life always fascinates me .There is calmness in seashores. They tell you to live life liberating yourselves deep into water where you can see varieties of god’s creation and varieties of colors. If you lucky, you would see some part of titanic too.

Time Travel-T

I have always heard of stories from my Grandpa about the 19th Century. They say life was so beautiful with innocent people and simple living .Their homes, their roads and the 18th and 19th century .I would have even gone the medieval period and Ape period.

Talking to Animals-A
What if you have a super power through which you can understand the language of animals and animals can understand you. Talking to animals could be fun, I would definitely talk to my Fish every day and she would reply too. Talking to my neighbor’s dog would be son cartoonish. Saying good morning to birds and they are replying you back. Also, you can ask you cat why does she love milk so much ?Rats please do not enter my room but enter my brother’s room.#IncredibleZen

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