Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Mothers power-Mardaani

Mardaani reminds me of my distant relative Saiba,She was happy go lucky girl who use to enjoy her life like every school girl do.Playing and Schooling went hand in hand .Since ,my building was close to her building ,it was like daily meet up.We both use to go our relative Uncle Musal,who had a daughter too.
One Afternoon,when Aunty was not home,me,saiba and his daughter were playing at her home.Uncle took saiba on her lap and started moving his legs .Although we initially felt it was fun ,but then uncle turned saiba towards his face ,started moving saiba to and fro.As a 7 yr old girl,we could not understand what was going on,this stopped when somebody knocked the door.And we forgot what happened.
Some days later ,Saiba became very sad and lonely,she avoided group plays and games with us.She was ill and high with fever ,and became weak due to lack of food.Her mom was from old village ,who never raised her voice before anyone.She couldn't understand what happened to Sweet Saiba.She tried asking her ,but saiba did not replied anything .Saiba’s parents kept changing doctors to find the root cause ,as they thought she is becoming very weak and dull.I did not visited her in this period ,as she was not interested in meeting any of her friends .
There was some Festival coming up and we all go to relatives place to meet each other .And that day Saiba refused to go to Uncle Musal’s place .This refusal triggered Saiba’s mother ,she asked her ,”Why she is refusing to go Uncle Musal’s place ,when there are lot of chocolates and toys there ?”.However Saiba did not replied anything .Saiba’s mother called me and inquired about what we do at Uncle Musal’s place ? When she heard me ,she was agasted and started weeping .Uncle Musal was a rich man and respected in the family,nobody would believe Saiba’s mother .When she asked saiba ,”she came to know that uncle use to molest saiba and this time it was very hard”.
Saiba’s mother tried explaining his husband about the same ,but in return she got a tight slap from him.He asked her to keep mum and do not discuss this with anybody.But as a mother ,she could not see her daughter suffer .They had a teacher in their neighbor,She asked for help about this .With the help of that teacher and Saiba’s uncle ,they lodged a Police complaint .
In return,Saiba’s mother was thrown out of her own house.Later she landed up doing odd jobs and educated her daughter .
There are lot of mardanis here,Saiba’s mother ,who fought for her daughter against her own family .A Teacher who helped this woman so that she can get justice.And Saiba who suffered this as a Child.
Child molesters and child rapes are common everywhere,Childrens are molested not only by strangers but also by relatives.It is so important to keep a special eye on our childrens. It.It is also important to educate our childrens about basic sex education.So that they know it is a harmful touch and they should alarm somebody.

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