Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Are we humans says Gaza war ?

They say the world is progressing
But i see there is no progress

They say Darwin age is gone
I say people are now becoming Darwin

They say there is technology to heal
I say then why numbers of death increasing

They say Missiles will protect you
But why they are killing innocents

They say Internet had made world smaller
I say we can’t save any body's life through Internet

Israel is proud of killing children’s
They are proud of bombing them

They clap when the rocket is launched on the civilians
While other nations are still trying

Welcome to the tech savvy world
Where you can bring the world together

But cannot save the life of thousands
Nor provide proper medication

Look at the Shifa hospital
Good doctors are working hard

But how will they treat them
Without proper equipments
Their heart melts to see them die

Children's,Women's and those Old ages
This is their fault they were born in Gaza

Every hour one child is dead
What their parents would shed

They have no water and less food to eat
They have no arms to fight

It’s like Eleven lions pouncing on rabbits
It’s like devils on earth

They say we are modernised
We are in the world war crime

Where humanity is demolished
Humans killing humans for their wish

Numbers of death is increasing as seconds
But nobody can stop them for an hour

Are they so powerful humans?
Or should we call them coward

I wish our prayers come true
They are free and happy one day

One day Gaza will have no war
Their children’s can play safe games on the sea shores

They can go to school happily
They can be provided all human rights

Their families are safe as us

Their heart would be relieved forever

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