Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Black Desires goes on!!

Those black desires never go on fire, the list of black things goes on increasing every time when there is new black born. Whether that black is a gadget or a machine or a simple Black clothing .Even black accessory gives you a cool tag. Girls also find black nail polish as a fashion statement. Thus Black is shining out and spreading the black everywhere.No, its not the demonic color any more .Its Stylish and its black.

My Black Wish list

1. Black watch

A Black wrist watch from DKNY would give elegant touch to my wrist. The feeling of black band on my hands would be like a wish come true .I wear this watch with my formals as well as I can wear it during parties. A watch that is of the moment yet will never go out of the style.

2. Black iPad Air

This is the must have wish list currently on my mind. I am in thirst of iPad so that I can blog anywhere anytime.iPad Air is thin and light ,so it is handy for me.iPad Air have great battery life too so I can work on it nonstop.

3. Black Aviators

Oh so glam black is the Black Aviators from Rayban.I would love to play chulbul pandey all my life ,wearing these ultra glam Black aviators. It gives us vintage and royal look.

4. Black Jacket

My Wardrobe is incomplete without the black jacket. Black jackets are just so overwhelming, that I am completely in love with it. Black jackets are just so versatile that it can be worn with tees, tops, dresses and just anything. You will still end up looking glamorous.

5. Black Handbag

Black Handbags are considered to be most versatile handbag color. Whether you wear a print or any other popping color .I think it is gain a must have wish for me.A Fashionable black handbag would be a great way to spruce my outfit and make a fashionable statement.

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