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Last year, I attended a wedding in Jaipur. A friend of mine gave me a puzzled looked when she saw me in black anarkali dress and a black stilettos pairing with perfect black clutch. She was gawped in puzzlement and said ,” Is it a Black cult ?”  #WhatTheBlack

She had point. There is something flanking on the cult of fashion’s devotion to the colour Black, it’s like White for serene and Red for Love, But Black for all. It doesn’t mean pink or red or blue does not get friendly with me, but the black is still in very much of me and my wardrobe.

What is it about, this is kind of infatuation with black? It’s a question I am often asked, as I wear black most of the times. My friends and colleagues asked me to try other bright colours and I end up putting on more of different blacks.
I do wear other colours, but black is what I feel most comfortable .If I enter a clothes shop; I am drawn towards the clouds of black. Imagine a simple black Tshirt or a Black dress .I am so inclined towards black that I love black watches too. #WhatTheBlack

At times, I sit and ponder about my black statement and how does the colour evolved? What is the significance of black in our society?
It is the absence or complete absorption of light. I wonder whether the beautiful black is colour or absence of colour. That remains the mystery of life. In Roman period, black was considered as evil,sad,magic,violence and power,they associated the black with mourning of death. They feared the night which was opposite of day and was black, all black. #WhatTheBlack

However Black was one of the first colours which were used to draw paintings and arts, they used charcoal to draw paintings on the wall.

In 14th Century, Status of black started changing, Black high quality dyes began arriving in markets to mark the status of magistrates and government officials as the sign of the importance of their positions. Now Black colour depicts the power of dignity, humility and temperance.

In 18th Century ,Black became the fashion colour .Paris became the house of fashion,where pastels,blues, greens and whites became the colour of nobility and upper classes,Black became the dominant colour of all.Hence Black became the colour of melancholy.Now the poets,the lawyers,government official were adorning black as their colours.Black dominated Literature and Fashion in 19th Century. #WhatTheBlack

In 20th Century, Russian painter created the first abstract painting and He wrote, "The painted work is no longer simply the imitation of reality, but is this very reality ... It is not a demonstration of ability, but the materialisation of an idea.

In 21st Century, Black is on top of the fashion world .Woman’s fashion world was revolutionised by the fashion designer Coco channel who said "A woman needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm, a man she loves.
No colour performs so many duties, in so many fields .In clothing it can be smart, casual, uniform. When it comes to black cars, especially luxury. Black cars have ecstasy of their giving the stylish shine to the machine.

The first thing to know about black is that, Black is an absence, not a presence. I guess that is the reason black is so versatile and have so many meanings attached to it, whether it is cultural or others.

This versatile nature of black is universally believed to be flattering, and thus anyone who is worried about their figure regards black as a good friend. It is like a light colour will make your room seem bigger, same goes with black it would make your room go smaller. As some fashion designer referred that why black is so much in fashion? She explained that “it gives you an outline “.
I remember during my paint classes, a black border would give a enhanced and textured look to my painting, so that is the magic of black. #WhatTheBlack
There are certainly a lot of practical reasons for choosing black. I think its easy. Black doesn’t date out.It does not show dirt. It goes with most colour's, so it works as a good base to other things .Imagine a girl in black dress with any other colour handbag. Black works well with other blacks too. Life is simplified with black. You can pair the blacks with anything else, so black helps you mix and match too.Economically, black can look smart even it is cheap.

Betty Jackson,a designer said “It’s a colour that has become associated with glamour than gloom”. A Black watches can me simple and practical for work and always a chic for a party. A plus point here is black works its best on all skin colours and shapes. So you have to choose the right dress or the right bag or the right hairs, but not the right black. As Black would be always right.
Black has enormous symbolic power. Have you heard of the Indian Hinduism culture where you can’t wear black in happy functions? It is considered as bad or rather unlucky. This is also like bad guy in movies wear black kind of look and the good guy wears the white shades. As Black represents darkness, it’s like light is the life force and darkness is about death, a final closing of your eyes and a return to the earth. It is the equation of the good and bad, night and day, light and dark, with God and devil. And may be thus black is more on satanic side I guess. And thus the rituals associated with it.

For my Final words of blackaholism, I own many blacks #WhatTheBlack

1. Stylish Black Anarkali Suit

I would love to have this black anarkali suit with golden borders, I can team up my this black anarkali with black stilettos or silver sandals or golden flats .Jewelleries which can work with this black suit is either simple silver earrings or copper earrings or plain gold chain. I can carry any colour trendy clutch which can be carried for a function. I can create different looks with this black Anarkali suit. So I have one Black Anarkali Suit and have a style statement.

2. Black Kohl

I cannot leave my home without this Black kohl in my bag. It gives me complete look outlining my eyes .I play around with kohl by thinning the eye borders or darkening the eye borders or giving a cat eye look. Black Kohl goes with ethnic as well as western wear. Black mascara with kohl completes the look.So Kohl set which have tonnes of kohls.

3. Black Hairs

For a perfect style statement straight black hairs is the must. Open your hairs it will give you a look. Try different styles or go for a high pony tail. So I would be carrying my black on my head.

4. Black Bed

Yes, you are right. I would love to have big black color bed. It would go perfect  with our light interior wall shades .It does not dirt out .I can pair my black bed with floral bed sheets. Actually, my eyes popped up looking at this black bed everytime.

5. Black Car

This is my husband’s choice .He is obsessed with black cars .So Its like a dream Car for us .Black shiny Car which symbolizes as a luxury element and a style statement.

Here’s one final black thought.


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