Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Food for your senses!!!

Every Food has the story to tell, the friendship of food first reaches our nose and then eyes and then tongue and stomach, and finally into our hearts. Am I right or Am I right? #BeautifulFood
I am sure we all have some memories attached with food, whether it is caramelized candy of our school canteens or finger licking Vadapav, I also remember the tangy imli, I use to have it after school. The Ice candy which vanishes the summer and brings the life on my face. At times I use to go to school for ice candies.

At Home, my mood was always dependent on lunch .Better the lunch, Better was me .I loved the heavenly Dal ghost with tadka and chopped coriander along with long basmati zeera rice .I am always on cloud nine when I eat that .Lip smacking Khate meethe Aloo, I would gorge on it or pounce on it like a lion on the lamb,all thanks to my home chef my mom, she would add some magic on the food which made it so sumptuous.

At Nanis place, My Nani is greater chef than mom ,and that is why she is called as “Nani “ .She has got all the black magic needed for Aromatic and Zesty food, once the taste touches your senses ,It will never ever go off .She make delicious Prawns Fried which is tiger prawns deep fried in olive oil and mixed with green onions and chilies and tint of garlic to add the flavor .You can lick your finger too if you surely wish for .You can garnish it with finely chopped onions ,coriander and drop of lemon. And then you can gorge them one by one .Then you can start with Fiery Fish ,which is marinated overnight with all the authentic masalas and then deep fried .I am still having the taste on the tip of my tongue.
During my school days, there was this old man who use to sell Vadapav with special orange chutney, it was a pleasure moment to relish that vada pav after school while going home.Now, also whenever I pass through that lane, I just remember the taste.

Since Ramadan is here, I would also like to remember the Paya and Nalli nihari of Bori mulla near South Bombay. It was local shop near the lane, but when you go there is waiting queue for more than 30 minutes, people of all classes come there just to enjoy that taste, and you can’t go without licking your fingers. At Mohd Ali road, you will find this famous old lady who sells Chilla (she is now world famous I guess), always saw her name in newspaper; you will love her Home Chillas too.#BeautifulFood

We are Foodies, me and my husband go out in the town for the search of exotic new taste everywhere.Hence, my mother in law is a good cook too, you will love the Mutton korma, which is marinated with curd and green chillies, ginger and garlic paste ,this marinating is for overnight so that the taste of these masalas reach every part of the mutton. You will experience the taste like heaven.

Well, if I am talking so much of food ,don’t you think I must be a good cook too.Yes,you guessed it right .I am good cook who experiments with food mainly nonveg ,does not mean I don’t cook veg tasty, you will fall in love with my Simple Bhendi too. You know it’s in my blood .I am not a professional cook,but under the training of my Nani,Mom and Mother in law, I have done bachelors in cooking at home. I make Saucy and Sizzling Chicken Pasta that can make your taste buds go dance, Try simple and sweet Mayo corn it will pause your hunger pangs for some time atleast, Prawns Masala in Mumbai style will make you imagine what magic is in the prawns,My Colleagues fight for big share of my Vegetable pulao.I think that’s enough of my own goods.

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