Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Fragrance of Hope

My cousin brother had gone to London for his photography contest and there he encountered world’s greatest Fragrance.So,I give it to my brother to narrate the story himself .#InspireAFragrance

I am a photographer by passion. I love the modern century and the lifestyle of fast-food. You can call me party lover, Dancer, Guitarist and many things more .I am not a firm believer of god, or to correct this sentence I was not a firm believer of god, till the day I smell the fragrance of god.#InspireAFragrance

Participating in London Photography Contest was like a dream come true for me. That day I was on top of the world. The Photography contest was held on Terrace floor of the building which was of 40 floors. After submitting the photographs, I hurried to the Elevators on the 37th floor.

As soon as the elevator arrived, I was stunned or rather shocked .I was taken aback to see a lady covered all in black veil. All I could see is her eyes, and those were grey! I entered the escalator gently.Since, I had a long wait till the ground floor, and I started looking at the camera. And I smelled a misty fragrance in the area of the escalators, it was her smell.#InspireAFragrance

I looked at her side once, but she ignored me and we both started looking at the floors displayed on the lift. It was 20th floor. Somehow the lift was too slow .And there came a whooping sound with the loud bang, and the escalators stopped there .I was terrified and tried calling the emergency number in the lift, but no response. I saw her standing firm with no reaction as if nothing happened. I was perspiring a lot, as there was almost no oxygen at all. I removed my fur jackets and camera hanging on my neck. I glanced her again,this time she talked. She said ‘I am praying to my lord,lets see whats written next ‘.I shouted at her for her nasty words.But she did not react at all.I was worried that she would die of no oxygen in her veil.I tried looking at her ,as I could not breathe now.But she looked calm.

“Does your Lord teach you to take your own life?”I said to her.


Three hours passed.

She soaked her handkerchief and started taking into her mouth .And then started praying. There I smelled the fragrance of hope.

“Nobody ever forced me to wear veil, Its my will as I love my lord and his commands “she said

I smiled and said to her,”Who is going to look at you and your norms in this closed world where there is not even oxygen?”

“My Lord”

Then it was again the same bang in the escalators and it was devastating. Now it was dark in the escalators. It was dark and silent.But it was hurting,hurting a lot on my abdomen.
Then the light switched on,but the escalators were jammed.I saw her lying straight and my heart stopped for a second thinking that she is dead.

But she got up and started looking at me .I noticed that the pieces of glass had gone into my stomach. I tried looking for some cloth, so that the bleeding could stop. But the pain was unbearable.I could not move my body even for a second.

She kept looking at me .And I shouted with pain.

She came closer to me and started removing the pieces of glass from my stomach.It started bleeding heavily.Here I was dying and wishing for hope.

There she stood,and started removing her veil clothing.She wrapped her veil on my abdomen . 

There I smelled the fragrance of God.#InspireAFragrance

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