Friday, 25 July 2014

Fragrance of Nature!!

Fragrance of Nature
When the waves of the sea
Touched my feet
I felt that someone is giving me a greet

When my feet felt the wet sand in the shores
I was not on earth anymore
I smell the nature of solace
The fragrance made the world a better place

The breeze was touching my face
As if it telling me to gaze
I was gazing at the sky, Opening my arms and jumping up high
It was the feeling of the freedom
No thoughts came to my mind,I was seldom

I saw the fishes following the waves
The sound of waves and the silent resonance
There was nobody around just me and the sea
I saw the birds flying up high
It does not matter they laugh or they cry

They are flying anywhere they want
Beautiful colors they do not flaunt
They can sit on rocks ,they can sit on tree
Oh yes the birds are so free

Sitting on the sand ,I thought nature is so beautiful
And what have we bought
When the Spring sets in ,it makes the earth looks colorful
The falling leaves and flowers bloom

Beautiful butterflies running here and there
And Now the Cuckoo is mad with joy
The Humming of bees and Enchanting notes
I wish to walk around the corn fields and feel the spring

Please my eyes with delightful green
Yellow flower of mustard flutter in breeze
Spring decorate the earth with the green garment
It looks like paradise on earth

The Fragrance of spring is we forgot our cares and sorrows
We bless our eyes and ears
For pleasant sights and melodious notes
The miracle of nature happens everytime

It changes the color in the blink of time
I forgot what is yours and what is mine
That is the fragrance of nature I say
It keeps us happy and gay

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