Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Gaza suffering continues!!

We are burnt alive
We are killed

Our houses are collapsed
With rockets and grills

We have less medical help
And more casualties

We live in the living hell
Where nobody would help us

We are suffering from Year 2000
Tell me what is the date?

They are launching rockets on our children’s
Is this our fate?

We cant hide
we cant run
But our womens and childrens are burnt

We are surrounded by them
We have no forest to hide

Nor we have hills
What to do we do in this living bill?

We sleep with hope
We wake up with hope

That someday everything would be over
We would live our life with safe covers

But we cry in our hearts as there is no end
We are defenseless and no arms in our hands

And we are dying every day every seconds
We are slaves of our own country

Please support us if you support humanity !!!

Save Gaza!!

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