Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Go Banking Go Social Go KotakJIFI

Kotak Mahindra is helping you and your bank account to go social. We are online all the time and why not make some extravagant advantages of going social? Have you ever thought of going bank social? Think about it and ponder. Kotak,India's first Social banking Account  is here.#JifiIsHere.

Once upon a time, I had gone to bank to deposit some cash, as told by my mother. Those times, in a bank, there was timing allotted for customers. I have to fill some cheques or forms with details and stand in the queue. It was so boring and dull; I never thought that depositing my own money would take so much time. At times, the cashier is delaying and people in the queue are fighting . Then came ATM’s,it was easy to remove cash, it was so simple and fast.Plus,it was accessible everywhere. One touch and cash is in your hand, ATM’s made life easy and going, but again cash deposit was not so easy. Cash transfer was also a task which was not easy and fast. And I thought what are we getting by giving our money to the banks? Then came Online banking where we can transfer cash, pay bills and do online shopping.#JifiIsHere

I have never thought that a bank would ever benefit me. But then Kotak jifi is here.Kotak JIFI is fully integrated social segment where opening a account is as simple as signing up facebook account. It is unique digital account and which also offers loyalty benefits.  Let’s check out the benefits of Kotak JIFI Account.#JifiIsHere

Balance Free Account

Last time I had my job switch, what I left behind was my balance free account. As for most of the banks, balance free accounts are applicable for Salaried people.So,if you want two accounts which are balance free, it was not possible.
But, Kotak JIFI is here, so I need worry about tracking my monthly balances and minimum balances. Also, it gives you high interest rate for deposits above Rs 25,000 and the interest would directly deposit into your account as Cash.

Go Kotak Twitter

If you wanna know your account balance or balance sheet? Or you want to know the IFSC code .Just Tweet it from your personalized twitter handle (not the public domain).
Check out the hashtags for Your Kotak Social Banking
Balance Inquiry #JifiBa
Last 3 Transactions #JifiTxn

Don’t worry its safe and securely handled by Kotak

Refer a Friend

Have you earned banking points for refer your friend? Think about it .Refer your friends and keep earning points, which can accumulated into cash .You can refer by using facebook too or using a email. Isn’t that true social banking? I would rather refer my mother, siblings and cousins too.

Transact and Earn

Now earn money by paying bills or doing some online transaction. Transaction points mean cash into your account.

Transfer your points

At times , we are short of some points and miss our favorite items, KotakJIFI offers you to transfer points ,that means you can ask for points from your friends and thus get your favorite voucher .So now you are not gonna miss that discounts, Offers and Vouchers just because if you are short of points.

Redeem your points

Your Points can be redeemed at your favorite destinations and dining places. So hanging out with friends and eat at your favorite places. It is really going JIFI .Isn’t it Social?

A Bank that travels in your wallet

Funny head, I mean to say c Apps can be easily downloaded and used.So,you can redeem points, do online shopping, transfer cash at the touch of your tip. You can  search for deals, map deals according to your location, Subscribe deals, add deals to your favourites, Print coupons and also share deals with your friends on social media. So, it’s friendly, easy and fast.

Watch your Money Honey

We all need a personal financier, who shouts at us if we are spending more and also keeps a track on our finances.Kotak Money watch helps you get 360 degree view of your personal finance .It is like everything under same umbrella.

Kotak Money helps you to:-
1. Automatically connect all your online accounts to view your net worth.
2. Generate reports like spending patterns, profit, loss etc
3. Helps you organise your bills and their due dates
4. Calculate your tax automatically
5. Gives you a folder to store your important financial documents

Kotak JIFI is for

-The one who loves social media
-The one who loves to take first move,as kotakjifi is first of its kind
-The one who is regular customer of makemytrip,bookmyshow
-The one who can go jiffy 

Kotak JIFI is not for

-The ones who love traditional banking
-The ones who do not have facebook account

-The ones who do not like to have Rs 5000 to open the account

Life with Kotak JIFI

"So I can tweet for details i need about my bank,even if it is IFSC code .And don't have to worry about my minimum account balance.I hate to check balance every time i shop,plus i have my money watch to track upon my financial needs.I love to redeem points which can be used at many places,I would keep inviting my friends and ask them to do the same,so that we can party with those points."

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger present "Kotak Jifi is here"

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