Monday, 14 July 2014

I owe it to my religion!!

I owe myself to my religion, which teaches me that there is one creator who will take care of everything and that creator is looking at you. Whether you are doing something good or something bad, that creator would take it into account. Every good deed of yours would be counted in positive and every bad deed would be counted in negative. Maximum points would be your eligibility to heaven, other wise Hell. It is all about the deeds you do makes you a good person. Your thoughts and your actions are all dependent on each other. My Creator, Allah is the one who also gave us the manual of life which is Quran. He asked us to take help from Quran, if you are ever in need. And thus whenever I read Quran, I feel solace and the feeling is equal to talking with the creator. The Creator who created Living beings ,the most complicated machine I would say, Our brains sitting on the top handles everything going in our body ,while our heart sitting in our chest controlling our blood .I cannot even imagine the wonder of the creator who have created Living beings. Have you ever thought of this? Our creator blessed us with number of colorful fruits and different fruits have different taste which adheres to different nutrients in the body. The Plants serves a vegetables which help us grow strong .Domestic animals serves us non-vegetarian food which help us grow proteins .Air provides us oxygen, Rain provides us water .Sun and Moon gives us Day and night ,So to explain us that after every darkness there is light .There are many things you can ponder upon.

Those huge mountains and that blue oceans, who could be the creative designer of the clouds.The Winter, the summer and the rains helps us to feel the different weather conditions.Our Creator blessed us to give birth to another living being, the most wonderful thing. When I once saw the sonography of my nephew, my eyes could not believe that a living being moving around into somebody’s stomach.Who created this and how ? And why is everything just so perfect and without flaws .This has to be done by somebody very great above there .Everything in our life has a meaning; we just have to find out what. Praying to Allah brings me closer to myself, I can pray it anywhere and anytime I want. And Thus i owe myself to my religion !

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