Thursday, 31 July 2014

Solve the Black Mystery ? Day 2

However as we all know:
"Extraordinary claims, require extraordinary evidence

So, its Second day of the What the Black activity. A Black egg shaped was the first hint. Google says that the Legend holds eating just one of these black eggs can add seven years to one's life. Is the product something related to lifelong use? Black eggs are a kind of known ninja close range weapon. It is also a name for variety of implements and techniques used by ninja.So something related to techiniques?

I am trying to think like Sherlock homes!

Think like Sherlock

1. Trying to examine everything with healthy skepticism: - What could be the hint pointing to ?I am trying to filter my thoughts .Is it the color ? Or the sentence

2. Observe all first impressions closely: - Black box in a black egg

3. Be inclusive:-Black color egg which is chocolate .Should I smell it

4. Step Back:-Trying to think my own perspective, the wider picture we can see

5. Continue getting hints and ideas: - Through twitter and facebook, trying to get hints from friends and relatives, although they are giving funny comments.

6. Educating myself: - Knowledge about the hints could be useful .Thank you Wikipedia and Google.

So what could be the next clue ,or are they trying to distract us?Is the color of the product black ?or does they mean that the product is hidden from the world ?

#Whatheblack is trying hard to distract us, So the second clue unveiled is Black newspaper !I am really scratching my brains with the black blank newspaper .What it could be ?Black Egg and Black newspaper. Are they pointing us to early morning? As we have eggs in the morning and read newspaper.

Black Newspaper with no news

1. Newspaper reading is a personal interest.
2. It gives us information
3. It helps giving us world news
4. It educates us about sports, entertainment, business
5. We read newspaper mostly in morning

Black Newspaper gives me following hint

1. It could be related to giving information
2. It could be gadget
3. It could be a book
4. It could be a magazine

Now lets try combining the Black egg with the black blank newspaper
A Black egg with a chocolate inside and a black newspaper which is blank.I am turning red with this black clues going over my head.

This post is exclusively written for Blogadda activity #WhatTheBlack

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