Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Solve the Black mystery?Day 1

First of all, A Big thank you to Blogadda for giving me this opportunity to participate in this Black Mystery solving contest, I must say “It is the most innovative way of launching a product promotion”.

For my readers, it’s because of your support I am shortlisted by Blogadda in their #WhatTheBlack activity to guess what black product they are talking about.

I have already submitted my wish list of all things black.Now, I am going to receive black things everyday for four consecutive day’s right from 30th July and the last day I receive would be actual product.

I had always loved to play treasure hunt during parties; it is an awesome way to find the treasure using the clues. Now it is time for action.If you love mystery as I do? We would try to solve this together? Don’t be afraid to point me in the right direction. 
Isn't it fun?

Let’s check what I receive on the first day

A black egg
What does a black egg points to ?they also gave note which says "the question is no longer 'did the chicken come first or the egg?"

What comes to my mind is

1.It must be something related  to  new technology which is hidden from the world
2.It could be a mobile with a enhanced  operating system
3.My friend suggested a hair dye which was funny indeed
4.My husband is guessing a black out game player

Keep guessing!!!!

This post exclusively written for Blogadda activity WhatTheBlack

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