Monday, 7 July 2014

When you invite me for a dinner!!

When you invite me for a dinner
Make sure that everything is here

Serve me water in those vision glasses
Serve me welcome drinks in Galaxy masses

I would love the Potato cheese starters in Varierty Platter Square
I would gorge on chicken and Fish Platter in Variety platter Round

Those Long Basmati Zeera Rice in Fidenza plates
They are as if my equal mates 

Chilly nachoss and Green chutney would go hand in hand
When you serve them in Chip and Dip

I am lost in thoughts of my wife
where she served me the drink of life 

She came with a tray of glasses
Tried convincing me with those Samosa in the plate

Sweet she served in melamine plates
They all opened my heart of gates

Now she served me dinner after office
Microwave helps keeping it Hot 

Then with love she smiles 
When she serve deserts and sweets with square tiles 

I am lost in thoughts of my mother
Who served the best dishes forever

She says you eat first with your eyes
She is perfectionist in serving nice 

The plates, The Glasses
The Jugs ,The Trays 

All she wants perfect in lane 
She would keep the melamine safe 

She would remove those only for guest
Or when there are Special occasions

Chicken kebabs with green chutney 
Fish Fry with those garlic tint

Zeera Aloo in those mints 
Biryani Rice serve in right 

Rose Sherbet with lemon twist
Patti Samosa give you that mist

Barbeque Paneer with pudina 
Lamb in curd with Raita

Call it Fruit Salad 
Call it Mango custard with vanilla icecream

Does that end the dinner?
Or do you need more of melamine?

This post is the entry for Indiblogger presents " Borosil - Beautiful Food"