Friday, 18 July 2014

Zen Super Powers you wish for!!

Super powers are like fairy tales. We all have heard about super powers and we all must have wish for super powers.  A Fairy who would grant our wishes. Spinach which would make us powerful.  A Watch which give us a power to be invisible.  A Mat which would take us anywhere we want. Spiderman had super powers to help the world.Alladin had genie to grant his wishes. Many comic fictions have drawn that into our minds.We are quite fascinated by the idea of these superpowers,however they are stuff of myth and legends.Are we ever going to have super powers in our watches or our Umbrellas ?

Most of us are hoping that through some kind of nuclear reaction we would land up having super power.

ASUS Zen phone is asking us to visualize what if smart phones have some super power .What super power would we give to our smart phones? Well, there are many powers I would need .What your take on that?


Like Mr India, Invisibility would help me help others and I could vanish in the blink of eye using my smart phone button, I hope the battery does not go when I am invisible. I could go anywhere anytime without anybody knowing where I am.While you are invisible you are untargetable by your enemies.Its like invisibility can help expose the corruptions and the mischeifmonkers.

Super Strength-S

Super strength is needed to fight with evil people. My One punch would led to someone go somersault.No,I would not misuse my powers. I would use it to save girls as there is so much crime towards the female gender in the world.I would save the farmers from getting exploited .I would save Gaza, where innocent people and children’s are getting killed.So Touch the S power of your keypad of Zen Smart Phone.


The greatest power is power of healing. One click on my button, I am healed of cuts and bruises. The greatest asset of any living being is health. I wish my one click could heal several diseases. I wish people who want to live their life could be saved. Various diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, AIDS, Cancer and many other ill conditions you have never heard of, could be healed on one click. This power would definitely help others who need emergency.In India,Thousands of people die in accidents,Ambulance does not reach in time due to traffic,No proper medications for poor people.With this power,i would heal people who are in need of medical aid.
So H the people,heal the people.

Super Human-SH

I have to be super human should possess endurance which would help me during various activities like running on clouds, jumping on mountains ,climbing the trees quickly like a monkey, jumping on one building to another, trekking on towers.Go Super human go.


Birds have the super power gift of flying .They fly from one branch to another branch. From one country to another .What if I have super power to fly? I would fly and see the whole world .And if I could see the other planets too, if my smart phone works out of gravity too.

Water breathing-W

Marine life always fascinates me .There is calmness in seashores. They tell you to live life liberating yourselves deep into water where you can see varieties of god’s creation and varieties of colors. If you lucky, you would see some part of titanic too.

Time Travel-T

I have always heard of stories from my Grandpa about the 19th Century. They say life was so beautiful with innocent people and simple living .Their homes, their roads and the 18th and 19th century .I would have even gone the medieval period and Ape period.

Talking to Animals-A
What if you have a super power through which you can understand the language of animals and animals can understand you. Talking to animals could be fun, I would definitely talk to my Fish every day and she would reply too. Talking to my neighbor’s dog would be son cartoonish. Saying good morning to birds and they are replying you back. Also, you can ask you cat why does she love milk so much ?Rats please do not enter my room but enter my brother’s room.#IncredibleZen

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