Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Zest in Simple things!!

We deserve all good things that happen to us. Living life with simple things can bring zest in your life. Life is all about what you think and what you make it. All in your hands. I keep wondering some people have so much in their life but they keep on complaining about everything. No wonder, it’s so human to ask for more than what we have. I am amused at what the world’s richest person dreams are? If they have everything.

Zest with my Family

I find my zest spending time with my family. Having family dinner and family laugh out together .I find zest in teasing my younger brother. I find zest in making my grandfather laugh. I find zest in giving surprise gift to my mother. Surprise gift sometimes can be a small kiss on her cheeks. I find zest in playing with my 1yr old nephew.

Zest with my Hubby

I find my zest with my husband. A long drive and music. Sharing a meal with him. Trying out different food with him. Looking at girls and teasing him. I find zest making faces at him. I find zest sitting idle with him and staring at the sunset .I find zest listening to his car love. I find zest when he appreciates my food. I find zest being happy as he is happy.

Zest with my Friends

I find my zest with friends’ .Having a holiday with them. Partying for every other occasion. I find zest talking to my best friend and complaining about anything I want to. I even find zest in listening to my friend nonstop nonsense. I find zest listening to my friend’s girl friend’s list. I find zest in sharing Frankie with my friends’ .I find zest in catching those crowded trains with them.

Zest with Strangers

I find with strangers. I think there is a zest in everybody you see. I find zest in secretly reading messages of a girl standing next to me in the train. I find zest looking at that beautiful girl in hot pants. I find zest staring at that handsome guy. I find zest helping that old aunty for a seat. I find zest sharing chocolates with street childrens.I find zest in giving biscuits to street dogs.

Zest with Me

I find my zest with myself .I find zest in everything I do. I look at the sky and appreciate the creator. I talk to creator and say thankyou.Sometimes I cry, Sometime I play. I find zest in shopping alone if there is no one. I find zest in simple vadapav.I find zest in dressing and dolling up myself. I find zest in experimenting with food.

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