Monday, 25 August 2014

A Visit to UniverCell Sync Store

 Roads of Causeway will now have its one-of-a kind techsperience store called UniverCell Sync Store.Indiblogger gave me the chance to visit this techie store at Colaba causeway near Regal cinema. It was sunny afternoon Saturday, catching a bus from Victoria terminus and looking for a new store experience was fun enough. I did not expected so many bloggers at the same time in the store. I was wondering whether all of them were bloggers, but indeed yes! They were all busy engrossing the details of the store .The Manager was kind enough to detail us about the idea of the total technology experience .Here is the short conversion of the store manager and the indiblogger.

Indiblogger :- Hi ,I am from Indiblogger
UniverCell Sync Manager :- Hi ,Please come (Routing to the main area).
Indiblogger :-So the store has launched recently !
UniverCell Sync Manager :-Yes ,UniverCell SYNC store provides a unique techsperience to the customers with its clearly demarcated zones .Here is the zone which includes music oriented mobiles ,you can check out the quality of the mobile music here through these headphones and then decide for which mobile you can go for ?If you love music oriented phones then you go for this section.
Indiblogger :- That is nice ,Can I check out this I-Pad music ?(Putting the headphones on) Voice quality is not nice. Mines is better (Smiling on my own)
UniverCell Sync Manager :-This is Work and Play section where all the mobiles which is mainly used for work are displayed here .
Indiblogger :- So it is not like all Samsungs one side and all micromax one side .I mean they are all categorize according to the customer needs not the companies
UniverCell Sync Manager :- No , Indian consumers should be able to experience products before they make an informed decision on purchase and this is easier done since this is a mobile retail segment.
Indiblogger :-What is this New and Noteworthy zone?
UniverCell Sync Manager :- The New and Noteworthy zone, the most attractive feature of the SYNC store, is the first of its kind in India where customers are allowed to experience gadgets that are yet to be introduced to the Indian markets. Another key highlight is the touch table that lets the customers to select and compare gadgets of their choice. The sensitized touch table allows users to do a live comparison of products, view the product in a 360 angle, and even watch product videos that provide technical specifications. 

Indiblogger :- Wow ,this looks like my zone ! Point and Shoot zone ,quite innovative
UniverCell Sync Manager :-Yeah ,Customers can have fun taking pictures in this zone with these frames !
Indiblogger :- (Going ahead) What is this zone called ?This is so sweet and pleasant zone. Can I sit here and check this tablet ?
UniverCell Sync Manager :- Sure why not ! Although this is kid zone ,where kids can play games and stuff on these tablets .
Indiblogger :-Oops Really ! Feeling Kiddish (Laughing)
UniverCell Sync Manager :- Come and I ll walk you through the personalize section(PERSONALIZE HELP FOR PERSONALIZE PHONES) .Here you can check your mobile data and settings .You can relax here and check your mails too.

Indiblogger:-Okay, And what is this plan? UniverCell TOTAL CARE.Is it some kit ?
UniverCell Sync Manager :- UniverCell TOTAL CARE is plan for all mobiles .It covers safety for your mobile which includes anti-theft, Free monsoon protection, Mobile health care. It will cost 499 for mobiles under 9999 annually. We will also provide doorstep facility . SYNC is a validation to the world that UniverCell truly understands people and technology. We are trying to give a unique interactive platform for an enhanced customer experience .
Indiblogger :- Okay, It was great meeting and thanks for the detailed description.

Why UniverCell is one of its Kind ?
1.Get the mobile as per your needs UniverCell has divided sections depending upon the different needs of customers .If you love music phones ,or data related phones or gaming phones or camera related ,you can check out the sections which you desire ?
2.Mobile Tech expertise Staff –Staff will make an extra effort to help you out and give you the best knowledge on different mobile phones as well as new launches and other hardware specifications.
3.Best services – Any issues with your mobile purchased from UniverCell ,then the UniverCell SYNC assures the customer to get it solved in maximum one week time.
4.Customers satisfaction - You need not go to any mobile centers for any mobile issues , UniverCell SYNC takes the mobile phone and they themselves get it solved by the respected service  centre. UniverCell SYNC also gets the device delivered to the customer at the doorstep.

I Recommend UniverCell SYNC for :-
·       Touch and interact with mobile phones
·       Best customer service
·       Latest technology trends
·       New mobile launches
·       Unique experience 
This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents UniverCell Sync Store Experience 

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