Thursday, 7 August 2014

Are you a Muslim?

The Other day, I was watching a movie “Khuda ke liye” and I pondered upon some points. Many people ask me you are a Muslim, don’t you wear this? Why do you do this? Why this is wrong in your religion? .A religion is a vast topic and I am not aware of many protocols and why they are set? But this does not mean Islam is wrong, I maybe wrong or unknown. You may be wrong. Many people still blindly worship gods and they don’t know even the basics of their religion. As the century goes on, people strive to be modern, they strive to earn money, but they never strive to think about what they are? I am not referring to any religion here. I am saying who are you as a person? Are you humane enough to help others? Are you religious enough to care about your parents? Are you religious enough to love and care about your wife? Are you religious enough to think about poor? Are you religious enough to be honest? Are you religious enough to thank your lord once in a daycare you religious enough to do charity? Are you religious enough to think good and positive? If yes, then you are a Muslim.

What does the word Muslim mean? The word “Muslim “means one who submits to the will of God and believes there is one god and Muhammad is the messenger.
I believe nobody can judge Islam by looking at those individuals who have a Muslim name or surname or Muslim parents or Muslim family. Do you think they are Muslim?.Because Muslim is not a noun, it is a verb. You cannot become a Muslim by your name. You become a Muslim by your actions.Otherwise, anybody who is doing bad or evil things can be projected as Muslim just because of their name. Every religions have a black sheeps.Making mistakes is humane but deliberately making mistakes is not a Muslim.

When we say Muslim, we do not assume that all Muslims have these good characteristics, but only those who follow to best of their abilities. A Muslim is truthful, not dishonest. A Muslim is humble not arrogant. A Muslim is honest not corrupt. A Muslim is soft-spoken not boastful. So if you have good qualities and believe in one god, then you are a Muslim.

So you cannot be a Muslim just with your clothes. Clothes cannot define you. A Muslim’s veil or a kurta or a head cap cannot make you a Muslim, a girl with complete veil but with evil thoughts cannot be a muslim.While a man with beards and abusive language cannot be muslim.By a Muslim name you can never be a muslim.You can be a Muslim if you are true human. Any true human who believes in one god can be a Muslim by heart. So we cannot be judgmental about a religion looking at a person. You would end up getting a good notion about the religion or a completely bad side.

This post does not mean to harm any feelings and provoke arguments

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