Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Funny and humorous as you call!

Does Funny really mean attempting to amuse? Or it means simply doing nonsense that makes the other person laugh and tickle their laughing areas from their cheek bones to their stomach. Now tell me it is really funny when someone falls because of the banana skin you threw of on the road. And the person ended up falling with some other fruits and files and his spectacles. It would be absolutely funny when a one year old makes devil like faces looking at his dad who is busy sneezing loud.No, I am not writing this post to explain you what is hilarious?

It is drooling to look at some events which are really funny and can go out your head? Do you guys laugh anytime anywhere you want? You can call me funny, as I do it. Once I was walking on the footpath and listening to music, it mapped me to some funny moments and I was smiling in the crowd. No wonder, people assumed me as decent bad girl in her formals with a laptop. Another hilarious habit of me, rather bad habit of me is uncontrollable laughter with loudness almost anywhere .Anywhere can literally mean anywhere over here. I was attending a client conference where a US client of our mistakenly pronounced something as his tongue got twisted. My tickling bones begun gathering and I burst into laughter, running into washroom as if I was in pain. I released my fun hormones in the wash basin.

A cousin of mine have a really irritating habit of laughing out when somebody’s falls from a bicycle or mom is scolding that somebody or brother is hitting her hard. Of course,I am that somebody. I find her devil fun tickles getting into my nerves every time she laughed at the wrong moment. But some funny moments is to see my nani bargaining with the local vegetable seller, she brings down the price as if we are still in 80’s.
So there is no head or legs to this no so funny post, it was just a moment of fun .
Happy reading J

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