Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I wonder !

 Here I am sitting on my work desk  and thinking of my anti-religious colleague who keeps on talking about how her religion and people are better and how others are not even a coin in front on them? She kept on chirping her money nonsense and her brand conscious love. I tried not to be too engrossed into her gibberish blah blah.But she continued getting in my nerves .
 But apart from this claptrap, there is so much bad going around the world. Israel is hitting very hard to gaza,and Gaza is suffering everything a human cant. Nigeria and Syria is getting stucked with Ebola virus and the death rate is going so high.Oklama and other countries are going homeless. A village got destroyed in pune due to floods. Thinking about the Guantamo ,many are still in jail and would die in jail even if they haven’t done anything. Rights are in the hands of powerful while one who is right is powerless.
 We ,mashallah are so blessed .Our countries are never in war situations .We have very minute possibility of natural calamities .We are not imposed unwanted government rules on us. Our civilians do not die in wars .Many things to ponder upon! All I can say we are blessed ! We are blessed if we have basic amenities .We are blessed if we are normal. We are blessed if we can eat everything we strive and tempt to. We are blessed we have right to education and live !
So ,all we can do is pray to god that make things all right for those who are right !
Bless them all !

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