Saturday, 2 August 2014

Solve the Black mystery? Day3

It was lovely to look at the hints,first a black egg followed by black newspaper and now the third hint is black tissue and a black cup.

So what could be the product.I know its a morning one.lets try figuring out.
When you wake in the morning,think of what a privilege waking up.Every morning is the start of the new day.When I get up in the morning,my Mind slowly gathers and body begins moving slowly.I say my morning dua and follow the daily routine.Taking a hot shower to get quickly fresh ,Shampooing my hairs,Brushing my teeth and conditioning my hairs.Eating my breakfast which includes fruits,milk and egg.My father in law reads newspaper every morning not a black one.
So the third clue is black tissue and black cup.

What it points to:-
-It could be something related to food
-Something related to eating or drinking.
-Its not a technology.
-It is a daily use product.

What do you think?

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